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What do you like to do for fun? Quick answers of 2023

by Eric

The thing that people do for fun in their spare time or such thing that makes their life interesting and cheerful is called a hobby. The question “what do you like to do for fun” is asked by a lot of people for different purposes. If this type of question is asked in any interview, then the aim of the interviewer is to know about your activities or about your fields of interest. So, he can judge you in a better way. But sometimes this question is asked by some people who want to know about you. In this guide, we have mentioned why employees ask this question and what is the best / right way to give the answer to this question.

Why employers/interviewers ask what do you like to do for fun?

There are different things that you may do for fun. The interviewers mostly ask this question from interviewees because many people get confused during their job interview, so by asking this question the interviewer tries to make you feel relaxed and comfortable so that you may give your best. But some may want to know about the activities that you do in your spare time because some people are so serious in their professional life that they don’t waste their time, even in their free time they adopt such skills that are helpful to them while performing their job (like learning foreign languages, creative writing, improve their grammar and vocabulary and a lot of other skills like this).

What are the best tips to answer the question what do you like to do for fun asked by most of the interviewers?

You need to prepare yourself for this question before any interview. This is how you should prepare yourself properly;

There are different things that we do in our free time like:

Go for a Walk, Gardening, Improving vocabulary, Visiting historical places, Visiting museums, Creative writing, Reading books or novels, Discovering new things, Visiting friends, Learning different languages, Do some online courses, Listening to music, Photography, Video editing, traveling, etc.

Following are the steps that might help you for answering this question properly:

  1. You should make a list of the things that you do in your free time.
  2. After that, compare which one is best for them. Always select such things that also have some relation to your job. Or select the one that makes you unique from other job applicants (try to show your importance).
  3. Show your fields of interest.

Tips you should know for giving the answer to this question:

Here we have discussed some tips that you should adopt to answer this question properly.

  • Share your experience
  • Share your creative ideas
  • Always share reality
  • Highlight your problem-solving skills
  • Only tell the necessary details

Always share facts:

Some people tell lie just for making a good image in front of the interviewer but you should avoid such situations, only share the things that really give you pleasure and you do in your free time. As you know that this question has great significance for your job but it does not mean that you lie. You must share factual information. Read more about How to get into a nursing career later in life?

Share creative ideas:

You should share such ideas that show your creativity or your field of interest. If you don’t have any hobbies then you should tell them about your daily routine or the things in which you are an expert. But share limited information (tell only what is essential). You should share your experience or difficulties you have faced but after that, you still continue to struggle (it will show your consistency).

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