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Top 5 Jobs You Can Take Up After A Ux Design Course

by Eric

User Experience Design or UX Design entails all elements that people interact with while dealing with products, services or businesses, websites, mobile or web applications, etc. It is concerned with everything that makes up an interface- layout, visual design, whether the user’s experience has been convenient, intuitive, smooth, efficient, relevant or confusing, etc. thus helping in forming a perception of the product and/or service. UX designers strive to enhance accessibility, usability, and user pleasure, thus building loyalty and user becoming brand evangelists.

UX designers research & analyze the end consumer to gain an understanding of their preferences, needs, and surfing habits and thus work to offer a product & service that provides an immaculate user experience. Read more about Top courses in Canada after completing BCom.

Key responsibilities of a UX Designer involve:

  • Prototyping and wire-framing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • End-User research
  • Information architecture
  • Analyzing, testing, and enhancing user experience
  • Collaborating with UI designers, developers & other stakeholders

Employment Outlook:

Upon completion of the UX Design course, students can apply to the following profiles, some of which are listed as under:

  • UX Designer: You ensure that the users have an optimum experience with the product and/or service and websites as well as apps. He is required to analyze the end consumer’s user journey, their preferences, tastes, etc. in addition to understanding the client’s objective for creating the product so as to create a compelling & convenient user experience. He has to work on wireframes as well as prototypes to ensure a product and service that offer an unsurpassed experience to garner loyalty.
  • Interaction Designer: They are concerned with mapping out the interactions between the users and the digital products like websites and apps so as to enhance efficacy. Therefore Interaction designer ensures intuitive navigation including page transitions, how the menu slides in or out of the screen, and the appearance of buttons etc.
    • Responsibilities
      • Create prototypes for user interaction
      • Research, Analyze and Comprehend user’s product interaction
      • Accountable for all aspects that users can drag, drop, swipe, and click
  • Visual/Graphic Designer: Basis the client’s product vision, its brand standards, UX principles & research, and prototypes, a Visual Designer visualizes concepts, create artwork, and converts wireframes into engaging designs. In short, he is responsible for designing the overall look and feel of interfaces like websites, mobile apps, and games.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Creates mood boards and basis the same draft designs
    • Ensures design aesthetics utilizing beautiful icons, typography, colors, visual effects, controls, graphics, and layouts
    • Timely delivery of the project
  • Information Architect: Information Architects is accountable for scoping, building, and optimizing website content as well as processes, wireframes, and prototypes as it appears to users
  • Responsibilities:
    • Includes how information is presented or displayed & organized on the app or a website
    • Create workflow diagrams so as to determine the flow of information as well as how it engages the user
  • User Researcher: Basis the research and analysis of market trends, user studies, etc., a User Researcher understands useful insights about his end consumer, his wants, his preferences, his behavior, his usage pattern, and his product interaction, etc. so as to facilitate a UX professional to better design the product.
    • Responsibilities:
      • Conduct & analyze research, surveys, and user interviews
      • Carry out competitive analysis
      • Define user journey & accordingly conduct usability tests

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