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Northern elsweyr treasure map

by Eric

Northern Elsweyr is a new area in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the season of the Dragon’s year-long adventure expansion. Northern elsweyr treasure map eso ( for elder scrolls online ) guides the player and it has the location of all the treasure chests located in that area this map is helpful to the player for finding these chests. You can click on the map to display it in a larger size on your screen. By getting it in the larger size you can easily see the directed path. ┬áThere are nine treasure maps in the elsweyr out of which three treasures are exclusive.

Following are all northern elsweyr treasure maps:

  1. Elsweyr Treasure Map I
  2. Elsweyr Treasure Map II
  3. Elsweyr Treasure Map III
  4. Elsweyr Treasure Map IV
  5. Elsweyr Treasure Map V
  6. Elsweyr Treasure Map VI

The following three treasure maps are exclusive:

  1. Elsweyr CE Treasure Map I
  2. Elsweyr CE Treasure Map II
  3. Elsweyr CE Treasure Map III

How to read these elsweyr treasure maps in eso?

Before finding any treasure in an area you should have knowledge of that specific area where you are going to find out the treasure chest. Because pictures are drawn on the map. You have to find that picture by using the knowledge you have about this area. Read more about Eso Sip of Stamina: How to create a sip of ravage stamina?

How you can find the treasure chests with the help of this map??

You should follow the following steps while finding a treasure chest with the help of the Northern elsweyr treasure map:

  • When you find the picture drawn on the map then you will have to find a dirt mound (that is marked on the map ) and after it, you should dig out the hidden chest.
  • Treasure maps must be in your inventory and you must follow the path shown on the map.
  • These treasure maps can contain antiquity leads, crafting materials, motifs, and sets.

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