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Do you want to fix your computer problems at home by yourself without any help of any professional? Yes, you can do it without calling a professional with the help of tune-up utility tools. Tune-up utilities can help you to clean up the varied file on the computer for instance you can clean the extra temporary files from the internet as well as the cookies of registry entries and old program data. Today in my article I will apprise you about the two Tune-ups VS System Mechanic by Iolo Technologies. By reading this blog you will know which tool is better. Many people are facing the problem of the slow progress of their computer and this thing really is annoying. So without any lingering let’s jump in!

Why should we use a PC Tune-up tool?

I will enlighten you about a few and most cardinal reasons why you should use a Tune-up tool on your computer. The reasons are as follow;

  • It can improve your system performance and it can enhance your start-up speed of the computer
  • It proffers you more space on the hard drive by deleting the unnecessary and unneeded files
  • It helps you to find out what’s wrong with your registry and the computer in general

Differences between and is known as System Mechanic. The major distinctions between VS are as follow;

  • You can perform recurring scans through CCleaner but you can’t perform this through System Mechanic. It doesn’t allow you to perform a recurring scan.
  • CCleaner looks a little bit older but the iolo proffers you a sleeker and modish look. But this thing is not a big problem and still people prior CCleaner more as compared to iolo.
  • You can get backups of any registry with the help of CCleaner before performing any modifications. Iolo doesn’t proffer you this feature.
  • System Mechanic is only available for Windows specifically but the CCleaner has Mac and android options. feature VS features

  • Deleting Files

Both tune-up tools CCleaner and iolo are quite good at deleting temporary and extra files from your computer. can identify and delete window files very fast. It will delete the cache from your recycle bin and it provides you with more space. It scans quickly but when you take a deep scan it will take 5 to 7 minutes and I think this is not so much time.  Read more about Auto clicker for Chromebook.

CCleaner is a sublime tool for cleaning your PC. It can automatically scan the PC as the schedule is set. It checks all the files and deletes the unneeded and unnecessary files. This will provide you space on the hard drive and also it will enhance the speed of your PC.

  • Window Registry Cleaning

The window registry is the most cardinal part of the operating system and it will not be up-to-date then your PC will slow. The actual reason for cleaners is this! The registry is the hub of your PC.

Iolo scans your registry and shows you the unnecessary and unwanted files very fast. It doesn’t only show you it also cleans them. But iolo doesn’t offer you the way of backup of your registry before changes are made.

CCleaner scans all files and then cleans all unnecessary files it also proffers you the backup and restores option of your registry if you want a backup.

Backup is the main difference between VS

  • Computer Speed

The actual reason for using tune-up tools is to improve the speed progress of computers. Both CCleaner and iolo are good at boosting the speed of computers.

  • Cleaning of Brower History

Both CCleaner and iolo have this feature.

  • Software Updating

If you will keep outdated software on your computer then it can be a risk for your PC security. In the battle of VS, this is the last feature comparison. is not good at updating software but CCleaner provides you one-click update button. It can scan your programs and you can update them if any update has come.

So these were the differences between CCleaner and iolo and you and I clearly know who has won the battle.

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