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How wide is a 65 Inch TV?

by Eric

When you make your mind purchase a TV then a lot of questions are raised in your mind and the first question that knocks in your mind is “Which TV should I purchase”? When you have selected the TV brand and model the next question that rings in your head are How wide is a 65 inch TV? This question tangled those who want to fit their TV perfectly with room walls. In this blog, I will apprise you about the width of 65 inch TV that will help you to select the perfect TV that will perfectly fit your room wall. So stick with me read my article from head to toe it will definitely prove helpful so let’s get started, fellas!

TV Dimension 65 Inch (TV width 65 Inch)

Not all but lion’s share modern TVs have a 16:9 aspects ratio. It means if you divide the width and height of the TV into equal parts so the width is 16 parts and the height is 9 parts. The 65 inches TV width is 58 inches.

How do 65 Inches TV Dimensions depend on TV Brand and Model?

It is very elucidated that the width of TV will be little larger. The reason for the large width is: due to the need to install the TV screen in the TV body. The modish TVs Particularly high-ends TVs have a very narrow frames (approx 0.2 to 0.4 inches). Few TV models have big frames around the screen. The reason is very simple for this the screen matrix technology is different little. But commonly the difference in genuine width is very minor approx 0.5 inches or 1 centimeter.

Height of 65 inches wide TV

As far as height concerns 65 inches wide TV are approx 33 inches (around 84 cm). The 33 inches height of 65 inches wide TV is without a stand if you will attach a stand with it then it will be 36 inches (around 91.4 cm). But this is for those who don’t hang the TV on the wall but if you want to hang your TV on the wall then you can ignore the stand and the extra height of the TV.

The thickness of 65 inches TV

Now I hope you know How wide is a 65 inch TV now I will enlighten you about the thickness of 65 inches TV.

Approximately all modish TVs are around 2 inches (around 5 cm) depth. A TV has to be thick because the developers fit all the devices in the TV’s body for instance speakers, HDMI, also they set the place for USB and other they make space for other ports to connect the other devices with the TV. Read more about 4 Best 65 inch TV under 800 2020.

The thing you should deem well before purchasing 65 inches TV

There are many things you have to deem before buying a TV. You should deem the following things before selecting and purchasing a TV:

  • TV size
  • TV Resolution
  • TV position
  • Room size / Room Type
  • Price

TV Size

The size of the TV is the most cardinal thing to deem when you are going to purchase a TV.

TV Resolution

The next thing that you should consider well and you should look for is a TV which has a high-resolution rate screen. You should quest a TV which delivers less grainy graphics when you sit very close to the TV screen.

TV Position

This thing is depended on you whether you want to fit the TV on a TV stand or you want to mount it on the wall. If you have ample space then you can give priority to the TV stand. If you don’t have ample space or you don’t like the TV stands then you can mount the modish TVs on the wall as it also enhances the beauty of your room.


This is the most cardinal thing that you should choose a TV for your room that can fit your budget. Many TV brands and models are now available in the market to go and get that TV that is perfectly fit to your budget.

Now I am pretty hopeful that I have made a fist for you about How wide is a 65 inch TV if you have any further questions you can ask us in the comment box section. Have a good time, fellas!


65 inches tv is 56.7″ wide.

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