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Interesting facts about Kristen Bell Tattoos

by Eric

Kristen Bell is a Hollywood celebrity. This American actress was born on 18 July 1980 in Michigan, United States. In 2021 she is 41 years old. Her full name is Kristen Ann Bell. She is the daughter of Lorelei & Tom Bell. Kristen’s father is a television news director in Nevada Las Vegas and her mother is a registered nurse. She is an adorable actress, because of her starring in Disney classic Frozen and she is well known for her romantic comedy.

This time her fans are very surprised because of her some leak pictures. In the pictures, Kristen Bell’s body was covered with a bunch of tattoos. Her fans thought that Kristen Bell was hiding her tattoos from people for a long time. Now the question is this, are Kristen Bells tattoos on her body & face real or fake? In her leaked pictures we can see different tattoos are showing on her body and every tattoo has a different meaning. Sascha Seinfeld Complete Biography.

History of Kristen Bell Tattoos:

As we see every day new rumors stroll on social media. Bell’s body tattoos are not real. She doesn’t have any tattoos on her face and body. Do you wanna know the reason for her temporary tattoos? She created tattoos for a prank video just to entertain her fans. The pictures in which Kristen’s body is covered with tattoos are taken from the Funny or Die website. Kristen Bell tattoo news on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter was spread like wildfire. A lot of her fans love her tattoos and fell for her. Her fans who are tattoo lovers adore her for Kristen’s new look. But when people asked the actress why she didn’t get a real tattoo? She replied that her husband doesn’t like girls with tattoos.

Kristen Bell Tattoos Video & meaning of her tattoos:

A video was viral in which Bell’s body was from head to toe fully covered with tattoos in 2012. In the video, you can see different types of tattoos on her body. Do you know how many tattoos Kristen Bell had? So the answer is 214 different tattoos. 9 tattoos were designed by her out of 214. In the video, she is showing her unique tattoo designs. Each fake tattoo has a different meaning. The tattoos and their meanings listed down, just have a look and you will know the meaning of her symbolic tattoos.

Kristen Bell Shoulders Tattoos:

In the video, we can see she tattooed Steve Urkel on her left shoulder blade and Stefan Urquelle on her right shoulder blade. The duality of a man is represented by her these tattoos.

Chinese Symbol:

She inked three Chinese symbols. One on her right shoulder the second one on her left shoulder and the last third one on her arm. The left shoulder Chinese symbol means dolphin. The Chinese symbol which was present on her right shoulder means butterfly. The last one on her arm Chinese symbol that means princess.

Remaining tattoos on her body:

She inked 72 butterflies on her body the butterflies are the symbol of racism in South Africa. She tattooed “Insert Gear Here” on her neck and considered it a joke. The other tattoos on her body include Willy Wonka Photo, a tattoo on her left arm representing her bore past relationships, a troll with pink hairs, an ethnic band on her left-hand wrist, I heart Windows 95 inscription & a star on her left side of the forehead.

How much time she was consumed for inking her body?

The actress retrieved that she used to spend a lot of time getting tattoo makeup on her body. She used to spend almost 12 to 14 hours before every shoot, getting 214 tattoos on her body. After knowing the truth behind the Kristen Bell tattoos what is your opinion about her she makes people fool, Did she do right or wrong?

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