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Sanctuary of Atotonilco

by Eric

Several towns are known as Atotonilca in Mexico. The towns are as follows;

  1. Atotonilcode Tula, this town is located in the central southeastern state of Hidalgo in Mexico.
  2. AtotonilcoEl Alto, this town is located in Jalisco in central-western Mexico.
  3. Atotonilcoel Bajo, this town is located in Villa Corona in the state of Jalisco in Mexico.
  4. AtotonilcoEl Grande, this town is located in central-eastern Hidalgo in Mexico.
  5. Sanctuary of Atotonilco, this town is located in Guanajuato, near San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.

Today we will talk about the Sanctuary of Atotonilco in Mexico. Lion’s share Atotonilco is known for the Sistine chapel. This church is situated in Guanajuato, near San de Allende in Mexico. This church was constructed by Father Luis Felipe Neri de Alfaro in the 18th century. According to primitive people, Jesus appeared with a thorns crown and his face was covered with blood and he carried a cross in fathers Luis Neri’s dream.

Another reason for the popularity of this complex is mural works in Baroque style decorate the chapels and key nerves of the complex. Because of mural work we call this complex the “Sistine Chapel of Mexico.” 5000 visitors visit the church and it’s been a worship place for so much long time.

Past page of Sistine Chapel:

This Holy chapel was constructed by Father Luis Neri according to primitive people sagas. The folklore told that Jesus met Neri in his dream and told him to change that area into a worship place. he bought the whole Hacienda of Atotonilco to build the complex. Read more about A Review On the Pristine Waters in Komodo pink Beach.

The beginning mark construction ceremony was held on May 3, 1740, & father Neri placed the stone there. In the first 8 years of construction, they build the tower, the main nave, and Purisima Chapel. After these things are constructed then they deem this place as a holy blessed place and they placed there a Jesus picture. The other chapels and annexes were built in the second term of construction and incessant to 1776.

 The structure of the complex:

The church’s outer part looks simple. The exterior of the church looks like a castle because of the high walls. Except for the walls, the clock tower 20m, and the cupolas 12m are sky-high constructions. The key entrance direction is in the east. The clock tower and Case de Ejercicios are situated in the south. The Santa Escuela de Cristo is situated to the church’s north and a lean atrium is situated in its front. The main and actual church building is situated in the mid of chambers and chapels on its northern and southern edges.

The inner part of a complex:

The interior part of the complex not only the walls all the ceilings are also covered with art. The interior part is utterly covered with sculpture, mural art, oil paintings, and engraving all made in Mexican Baroque style. Lion’s share mural art is done by Mexican artist Antonio Martinez de Pocasangre. The mural on the key nave’s ceiling represents the sagas of Jesus that are told in the Bible. The verses which are written in the various sections of the ceiling appear when you reach the key altar.

Other interesting things about complexity:

If you will visit the complex you will see the beautiful construction of the church as well as you will find some sections of Father Neri’s life there. The chapel of solitude was constructed from 1740 to 1748. its key alters attribute is the Virgin miseries.

You can access The Loreto chapel of the 18th century by Capilla de Soledad or the present sacristy the Hidden Glory area is a concealed area, it is situated to the north of the choir region. The Holy Burial chapel was constructed from 1759 to 1763. The mural work of this chapel expresses the Death and Burial of Jesus and his rebirth. Calvary chapel is the biggest chapel in the Complex of Sanctuary of Atotonilco.

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