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Bill Simmons Twitter and his famous tweets

by Eric

Bill Simmons:

Bill Simmons’s real name is William John Simmons III. He is an American sports analyst, podcaster, author, & former sportswriter. He is the founder as well as CEO of the sports and pop culture website The Ringer. He was born on 25 Sep 1969 in the U.S. He is well known for his writing style. He writes about sports knowledge, pop culture references, he writes according to a passionate sports fan and his non-sports-related personal life. Today I will enlighten you about Bill Simmons Twitter recent posts.  He totals posted a total of 32.3K tweets. Bill Simmons has 4.5 million Twitter followers.

Some interesting and recent posts

Some interesting and recent Twitter posts of Bill Simmons are as follow;

Pinned Tweet:

He posted this pinned tweet on 8 Dec 2021. He wrote; “New BS Podcast w/ @ryenarussilo _ on fascinating Pats-Bill game from a Belichickian standpoint, multiple NBA topics and Sunday’s ‘Succession’ season finale”. He pinned up the Spotify app link with it, you can open and listen to The Bill Simmons podcast on Spotify. Read more about  Hannity Twitter: Famous tweets of Sean Hannity.


Bill Simmons posted the trailer video of a Hollywood movie. He posted it on 7 Dec 2021. He wrote; “Here is the trailer for ‘Mr. Saturday Night’, directed by the incomparable @jpmaggio70_ the 5th film from our ‘Music Box’ series.

Thursday, 8 pm, HBO + streaming on @hbomax same time”. He has more than 50K+ views on his posted video. He uploaded the video from HBO documentaries.

Saturday Night Fever:

The uploading date of this post is 7 Dec 2021. He wrote; “New on @therewatchables _ ‘Saturday Night Fever w/ me + @jimmykimmel, the movie that made Travolta a mega-star, saved disco and change Hollywood packaged movies forever.

He gave different links in the post and suggest people listen to it on Spotify. He added the link to Spotify. The link is

Listen on Spotify:…

He posted a picture of HBO’s original music box Mr. Saturday Night.

PS: our accompanying ‘Music Box’ doc (Thursday 8 pm, HBO).

You can watch the new documentary streaming of Mr. Saturday Night on 9 Dec 2021 on HBOmax.

Bill Simmons wins or loses:

This Bill Simmons Twitter post is about himself. He wrote on 7 Dec 2021; “Win or lose I’m gonna recover from the N’Keal Harry helmet punt return in like March or April”.

He got the 1.9K likes on this post.

Official trailer of MacGruber:

I think Bill is very keen to watch movies. He posted trailers of various movies on his Twitter account. His recent 2nd movie trailer is the MacGruber movie.

He wrote; YES,

He posted the video with a caption. He picked the video from Will Forte’s Twitter account and re-upload it from his account with the caption. The caption he wrote; “First official trailer for the #MacGruber TV series is out! Caution: rough language ahead”… with a kissing emoji.

He has 713.6K views on this video and 524 like.

Bill Simmons Retweeted:

He retweets the” The Ringer” post.  He posted this tweet on 6 Dec 2021 with the Getty image. He wrote; “The penultimate episode of #Succession’s third season ends with the series’ first full-blown cliff-hanger. @jowrotethis reads the tea leaves to try to determine what happens next”:

He pinned the entire article “Deciphering the final moments of the latest ‘Succession’ with his tweet.

Mike Zimmer Resign:

He wrote about Mike Zimmer on 6 Dec 2021. He wrote; “Mike Zimmer was gone resign after last week’s horrible loss and was like “Screw it, what if I coach the dumbest game of 2021, lose to the winless lions and just get fired?”

What’s your opinion about the Bill Simmons Twitters tweets? What would you do I you were in his place especially in Mike Zimmer’s tweet? Share your opinion with us.

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