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Stephen Miller:

Stephen Miller was born on August 23, 1985 Santa Monica, California, United States. He is a republican part supporter. He is an American political adviser who works as a senior adviser for policy. Stephen Miller was White house director of speechwriting to former president Donald Trump. He helped Trump to write inaugural addresses as a speechwriter for Trump. Today we will cover Few Stephen Miller Twitter tweets. He has 94.1K followers on Twitter and 3,968 posts he posted on Twitter.

Few Twitter Tweets of Stephen Miller:

Followings are few interesting and his viral tweets;

Stephen Miller Pinned Tweet:

His pinned tweet is which he posted on 1 Dec, 2021. He posted a whole article of America first legal;

UPDTAE: “America first legal has just filed a motion for summary judgment and permanent injunction in our lawsuit against Biden’s unlawful federal employee vaccine mandate.”

He also linked his Nov 25, tweet. In that tweet he posted another article;

Breaking: “@America1stLegal just filed a lawsuit against Biden’s federal employee vax mandate. AFL is already a part of the coalition that won a nationwide stay blocking Biden’s private employer vax mandate. To help us file more crucial lawsuits visit TODAY.”

Retweeted Kevin McCarthy Tweet:

Kevin posted this post on 10 Dec, 2021. He wrote; Just confirmed by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office Democrats’ “Build Back Agenda” does NOT cost 0$ at they have been shamelessly claiming for months”.

“The Truth is it will run America taxpayers nearly $5 TRILLION in additional government spending”.

Provisions in BBB:

Stephen Miller Twitter account is full of positive tweets. Stephen Miller linked Bill Melugin article with his tweet. He wrote;

“This is the disaster that @SenMaarkKelly & @SenatorSinema have wrought. Their silence & acquiescence is responsible for the border crisis ravaging Yuma, AZ. And they “Sill” will not call for the end of catch-and-released- or even oppose the radical mass migration provisions in BBB”. Read more about Bill Simmons Twitter and his famous tweets.

The part of the article which he showed in his tweet is;

NEW: “The mayor of Yuma, AZ has declared a local emergency “due to the unprecedented numbers of migrants entering in the city prior to being processed and released by the Border Patrol”. Says 6.000 + Migrants have passed thru Yuma in recent days & numbers are up 2,647% October 1st”.

Some Furious and Criticism

On Dec 9, 2021, Miller posted many furious and criticize tweets, such as

He wrote; “How many “MILLIONS” more jobs would behave today if Biden had just done nothing?

He also tweeted; “Ending energy independence, crippling supply chains, inflicting illegal mandates, hyper-spending, hyper-borrowing, caving to China, offspring jobs, shredding borders, unleashing crime, pursing massive reg & tax hikes, paying people not to work=suffering today, ruin tomorrow2/2”

Miller posted; “If Biden had done absolutely nothing since January our economy right now would be sublime. As Dem cities+states lifted lockdowns/stay-at-home orders/restrictions, the economy would’ve rapidly returned to stratospheric highs. Instead, Biden created a short and long-term disaster. 1/2 “

Stephen Miller retweeted Julio Rosas:

“Been told by a source on Border Patrol agents are activity patrolling large parts of Yume Sector because most are processing the immigrants while the few left are only on transport duty, who have been told to not go pick up people until told by higher-ups to go”.

He posted this tweet on Dec 8, 2021. This tweet has 10 replies and 240 likes.


On Dec 7, 2021, miller tweeted; “Remember: using any combo of Title 42, Safe 3rds Expedited Removal or Return to Territory authority (MPP), Biden could adopt a 100 percent repatriation policy (Trump’s Policy). Biden Admin has Adopted catch&release as a conscious “policy choicer”. The goal? Maximum Migration.2/3”

From these Stephen Miller Twitter tweets, we can judge that according to Miller America is going to down word because of the new Biden President. He is ruining the repute of America. What do you think Miller is right or wrong?

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