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Lil Kim Plastic Surgery

by Eric

Why did Lil Kim make her plastic surgery?

Lil Kim plastic surgery is a trending issue, nowadays. Such a step is usually taken by people who suffer from a sense of inferiority. A man should never be disappointed with his appearance because his internal beauty is his actual identity. And it also matters a lot about what your career is, how famous you are in the world, and how you talk to people. She may have had a tragedy in the past that made her feel inferior. Lil Kim is a very famous rapper but maybe, she still suffers from a sense of inferiority, which caused her to change her shape again and again, through doing plastic surgery. But obviously, the consequences of overdoing everything are bad. Lil Kim’s doctors say, she may need counseling, because if she continues to have plastic surgery like this, again and again, its very original form will be completely destroyed.

How Lil Kim plastic surgery is affecting her career?

Lil Kim’s fans are very angry with her for doing so. They want to know why Lil Kim is doing this because after each of her plastic surgeries, her fans have a hard time recognizing her. Although she is a very popular rapper, there is not a single image of her, in the minds of her fans due to her worst habit. Behind the fame of any human being, there is a very big hand of his fans. She makes very expensive make-up on her face, which costs about $20,000 to $30,000. Her face usually shines,  not because of her natural beauty, but because of doing many experiments on her face, which may prove very harmful for her natural skin. Read more about Victoria Justice & George Lopez’s Net Worth.

Her habit of plastic surgery has not only affected her career but also affected his original skin. She uses a lot of creams on her face which makes her skin thinner. Now, even if she wanted to, she probably wouldn’t be able to get her original face back.

Films made after Lil Kim plastic surgery:

She performed different roles in many films. Some of the most popular and high rated films and her roles are as follows:

  • In 1997, she worked in the film “Gangstresses”
  • In 1999, she worked in the film “She’s All That” as playing the role as “Apex”.
  • In 2000, she worked in “Longshot”.
  • In 2001, she worked in “Zoolander”.
  • In 2002,she worked in “Juwanna Mann” as “Tina Parker”.
  • In 2003, she worked in “Those Who Walk in Darkness Soledad O’Roark” as “Gang of Roses Chastity”.
  • In 2004, she worked in “Nora’s Hair Salon “ and also in

“You Got Served”.

  • In 2005, she worked in “Lil’ Pimp” as  “Sweet Chiffon”

And in “There’s a God on the Mic”.

  • In 2007, she worked in “Life After Death: The Movie – Ten Years Later”.
  • In 2008, she worked in “Superhero Movie” as “Xavier’s daughter”.
  • In 2017, she worked in “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story”.
  • In 2021,  she got success in “Miracle Across 125th Street”.

Studios in which Lil Kim records her songs:

She usually records her songs in the following studios:

  • Hard Core (1996)
  • The Notorious K.I.M. (2000)
  • La Bella Mafia (2003)
  • The Naked Truth (2005)

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