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Hannity Twitter: Famous tweets of Sean Hannity

by Eric

Sean Hannity:

Hannity is a host of an American talk show and conservative political commenter. His real name is Sean Patrick Hannity. He was born on Dec 30, 1961, in New York City. The name of the shows which he hosts is, “The Sean Hannity Show”, “a nationally syndicated talk radio show” & a “commentary program Hannity” on Fox News. His religion is Christianity. In 2019 he left the Catholic Church, he said as he aged, his Christian faith has “gotten stronger” and that he needs and wants God in his life. In this article, we will cover his recent Twitter tweets. So let’s start with sensational Hannity Twitters tweets. He has 5.4 million followers on Twitter. Total tweets that are posted are 15.9K tweets.

Hannity Twitter:

We will show you some interesting and recent Twitter tweets. Some interesting twitter tweets of Sean Hannity are as follow;

Red Flag Rating:

In this tweet, Sean Hannity posted a tweet about Red Flag Rating. He wrote on Dec 1, 2021; “Waukesha Rampage Suspect Released on $1K Bail Despite “Red Flag Rating”

He posted a picture of Waukesha Rampage and posted a complete article from Fox News about Bail.

From Fox News: “When deputies walked Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks in front of a Milwaukee judge on Nov. 5 after he allegedly ran over his ex with the same SUV used in the deadly. Christmas parade attack weeks later, a pretrial investigator had already raised flags about a serious potential to commit more crimes if let out on bail. “  Read more about Fox News Trump.


Sean Hannity posted this tweet on 1 Dec 2021 he wrote;

ENABLING DRUG USERS: “NYC will allow drug users to consume illegal substances in controlled centers. Mayor Bill de Blasio claims the plan will help combat the opioid crisis. Is this radical plan the right move? @PamBondi and Pate Hegseth will weigh in TONIGHT on “Hannity.”


He posted this tweet on 1 Dec 2021. He wrote;

FREE SPEECH IN JEOPARDY: “Twitter’s new CEO may be even tougher on free speech than Jack Dorsey! Parag Agrawal says Twitter isn’t “bound by the First Amendment.” What could this mean for the conservative Twitter users? @ClayTravis and @Gregglarrett will react TONIGHT on “Hannity”. “


This Hannity Twitter tweet is posted on 1 Dec 2021. He wrote;

HANNITY EXCLUSIVE: “@DrOz will join “Hannity” TONIGHT for the first TV interview since announcing his candidacy for U.S Senate in Pennsylvania. Tune in at 9 PM ET or set your DVR for this EXCLUSIVE interview!”


In this tweet, he wrote about the White House Crisis. On 1 Dec 2021 he wrote;

“Jen Psaki tried to cover for President Biden after he was accused of hypocrisy for enacting a travel ban similar to the one he criticized under Trump. TRONIGHT  on “Hannity,” we’ll discuss this and more with @PDoocy, @DBongino, and @GeraldoRivera. “


Sean Hannity on 1 Dec 2021 wrote about Donald Trump;

DONALD TRUMP: “Congresswoman Ilhan Omar should apologize for marrying her brother, “committing-large scale immigration and election fraud, wishing death to Israel, and for essentially abandoning her former country, which doesn’t even have a  government.” Posted Mr. Trump.”

“Exactly what she’d like to see for the United States”

Hannity posted Trump’s Rips Omar from his Hannity website. You can read all the circumstances and criticism through this Twitter tweet of Sean Hannity.

So these were some interesting and recent Hannity Twitter tweets. What are your opinions about these all tweets? What you think Sean Hannity is doing a great job or not? Are his tweets are effective or not? Do you want to follow Sean Hannity?

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