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Brief Guide on Tarot Cards

by REX

For over 600 years, individuals have counseled Tarot cards for religious, spiritual, self-disclosure, and divination purposes. The old images seen on the cards are intended to animate instinct, associating us with our higher selves and genuine spiritual nature.

What are Tarot cards?

According to the Institute of vedic astrology,  Tarot Reading Course is a useful asset for more noteworthy mindfulness and change. They are a powerful medium that empowers us to associate with our inward astuteness to uncover what is truly occurring around us. 

Today, an ever increasing number of individuals are looking for approaches to mix their inward and external real factors so they can carry on with their lives with more prominent mindfulness. 

Obviously, anybody can figure out how to function with Tarot and can profit enormously from its bits of knowledge. All you need is a 78-card Tarot deck that offers you visually and is image rich.

Number of cards are in a Tarot deck

Each Tarot deck has an aggregate of 78 cards, and every one of these cards can be categorized as one of two fundamental classifications: the Major Arcana having 22 cards, and the Minor Arcana comprising 56 cards.

Major Arcana

Major Arcana are generally more critical and considered as super cards. Here, you will experience the initial 22 cards of the deck. These cards hold the best significance in any pursuit and address a profoundly original circumstance. 

At the point when a Major Arcana card appears in a Tarot for Beginners, it is disclosing to us that we are managing something significant and addressing significant characters or life occasions. At the point when a Major Arcana card comes up, it’s worth paying attention to.

Minor Arcana

The remainder of the deck is known as the Minor Arcana. Comprising 56 cards, Minor Arcana identifies with what’s going on in your day by day life and can offer understanding into how your current circumstance is influencing you. They regularly have an impermanent impact – that is, they address an energy that is traveling through your life at the present time and that can be effortlessly changed, contingent upon the moves you make. Despite the fact that the Minor Arcana cards are designated “minor”, this doesn’t imply that these Tarot cards won’t affect your life.

Difference between Major Arcana & Minor Arcana cards

While the Major Arcana are more crucial, the Minor Arcana permit readers to comprehend the nuances and subtleties that encompass the major occasions and signifiers in a Tarot spread. 

As a general rule, the Major Arcana cards address enormous defining moments and the Minor Arcana cards address the everyday experiences.

Basic Tarot Card Reading

The three-card spread is the most effortless spread for an amateur and ideal for a fast fundamental Tarot perusing. Tarot Reading Classes Online is an especially helpful spread and includes perusing your past, present, and future with respect to a specific circumstance in your life. 

Clear your psyche and hold a particular part of a circumstance in your brain, or rehash a particular inquiry, as you mix the deck, and afterward:

  • Place cards down before you on a table. 
  • Draw three cards. 
  • Spot the main card in position one. This addresses the past. 
  • Spot the second card in position two. This addresses the present. 
  • Spot the third card in position three. This addresses what’s to come.


As you decipher the cards as per your query, do recollect that the future card is rarely unchangeable; it is here to show you how things could end up in the event that you don’t follow past and present cards. 

A Tarot deck is a storybook and a Tarot picture is an allegory; mastering the techniques of tarot card reading requires persistent efforts and coaching in the right direction. Institute of Vedic Astrology offers a wide range of courses in the field of tarot reading.

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