3 Ways to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal
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3 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

by Eric

First impressions are important with any home. Aside from the satisfaction of a homeowner, a house’s curb appeal can have important impacts on its property value and potential success on the real estate market. For that reason, it’s always a good idea to keep a home’s physical condition a top priority.

If you’re considering some renovations to your home’s exterior, don’t let budget limitation push those projects to the wayside. Many remodeling concepts are affordable and can be tackled one at a time. In fact, with just a little research and creativity, you can give your home a whole new look. Here, we will look three easy ways to boost your home’s curb appeal, bringing your family more years of enjoyment while also raising the overall value of the home itself.

1. Considering Your Home’s Exterior

Considering Your Home's Exterior

While you’re assessing the areas that could use the most amount of curb appeal, try conducting a simple exercise by yourself. First, take a walk outside and pretend that you’re seeing the house for the very first time. Then ask yourself a few easy and objective questions. How does the home’s visual presentation look to you? Do any specific areas appear to be in disrepair? Is any of the exterior paint fading or chipping? If you’ve been in your house for a long time, your house may need a fresh coat of paint. Most homeowners are surprised how important a simple exterior house painting job can be for basic curb appeal.

Over time, moisture and humidity can dull the vibrancy of the colors and cause the paint to crack and peel. Not only will a fresh paint project replace the older coat, but many professional exterior painters can help you select the right paint for maximum longevity. If you’re considering a new paint job, be sure to ask the painters if a new color may be a better idea. When considering curb appeal, a trendy new color scheme can make your home look like new!

2. Decorative Gardens and Flora

One of the most affordable curb appeal projects is the addition of decorative plants throughout the front-yard. Although a full garden is gorgeous, that can become costly. Gardening beginners can start-off easily by placing a few low-maintenance hanging planters or hanging baskets along their porch and driveway. You don’t need green thumb to add some beautiful floral accents, as some easy planters are readymade for display.

It’s important consider the amount of sunlight when selecting hanging plants. Some plants require less maintenance than others. Likewise, bright indirect light is ideal for low-maintenance plants, such as succulents. For hanging floral options, however, spider plants are the perfect plant for giving off a wistful, decorative appearance. If your home is constructed of brick or you have a trellis, you can also add some ivy and vines for a classy, timeless appearance. However, greenery such as vines require some occasional maintenance and trimming.

3. Remodels and New Additions

Remodels and New Additions

Sometimes, elaborate landscaping renovations can give the house itself a fresh appearance. However, your front-yard may not have the space required for large-scale landscaping projects. If your budget allows for major home renovations, you can instead look at structural additions to the house itself. For example, if you’ve always wanted to add a porch to the front of the structure, that type of major construction can give the home an entirely new, modernized decor. If you’re planning to put the house on the market, a functional front-yard with a seating area can be very attractive to potential buyers.

In addition, adding new shutters, a new roof, gazebo, or decorative fences along the perimeter of the property are all similar large-scale concepts worth the investment. However, keep in mind that any major construction involving masonry or carpentry could require zoning inspections. When you contact a general contractor for the project’s estimate, be sure to inquire the finer details before the construction begins.

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