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Best places to visit in Denver

by Eric

The Mile-High City has a lot of places to visit under the city tours in the United States of America. The geography of Denver is with the Rocky Mountains, high plains, and lakes. This capital city of Colorado has pulled many adventure seekers and recreational tourists to visit in all seasons. Here, we have listed the best 5 places to visit once in Denver City tours. Read more about San Leandro apartments.

Sloan’s Lake Park

If you wish to admire a scenic lake park in urban surroundings, Sloan’s Lake is the place you must land in Denver. Relaxing here is the best way to view Rocky’s rolling hills, Denver skylines, and lake in one place. Sloan’s Lake Trail is the best to go for any age of people. Yet, this trail route is busy with morning joggers, walkers, bikers, and trail takers at all levels. It is the lake where the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival takes place annually in Denver. This lake park is only within walking distance for those who live in West Colfax Denver.

Boating, fishing, and water skiing are available for water adventure seekers. Bird watching, tennis courts, basketball courts, and sports fields are available for recreational seekers in this park area. The entry and parking fees are nil as of now in Sloan’s Lake Park.

Mount Evans

Experience Rocky’s beauty at an altitude of 14,264ft AMSL on Mount Evans. It is the right place to visit for romantic people and honeymooners to relax near the water and view the snow-clad Mount Evans. The adventure seekers must go mountain hiking. The bikers can experience a high-altitude biking experience on different levels of difficulties. Pikes Peak here is the 6th highest mountain peak in the USA. It is an accessible peak with scenic views of the snow, rolling hills, alpine forest, and high plain areas beneath this summit. Snowfall is felt here in the summer season also. Yet, the access to the peak via road and mountain hiking is closed during the winter due to heavy snowfall. Read more about 7 Tips to Plan Your Car Trip.

Denver Zoo

Kids and adults must visit this zoo once on the Denver City tour. It takes two to three hours to see the animals, feed them, and enjoy a great walk inside this zoo. The young ones will enjoy it much as they can see the animals in a natural habitat rather than in a cage. It is a local picnic place for Denver and downtown dwellers. In the kid area, restaurants with vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and beverages are available throughout the zoo timing. It is a busy zoo. An advance booking is necessary during the weekends. This zoo in Denver has completed 125-years with a lot of infrastructures, facilities, and amenities for the visitors.

Larimer Square

Tourists and others must experience nightlife with food and drinks in Larimer Square once in Denver. Gathering here in the evening is the best way to see illuminated buildings, busy streets, and many shopping places. Dining options are many so that you can find your desired dishes. Yet, this square is crowded during the All-Star MLB game event. Many tourists prefer this place to stay in a hotel and dine here during the night. Food and beverages are served here late at night.

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