This Is Why TechAhead Is Winning: Relentless Focus On UX & Design For Mobile Apps & Product Development 
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This Is Why TechAhead Is Winning: Relentless Focus On UX & Design For Mobile Apps & Product Development 

by Eric

In 1995, Japanese researchers Masaaki Kurosu and Kaori Kashimura, from Hitachi Design Center conducted a famous experiment to find the correlation between design, aesthetics, and usability effect on human behavior. 

The question they were seeking answers for: Does design matter in the usability of a product? 

They made two identical ATMs, and deployed 26 variations of these two ATMs across Japan, and formed two respondents’ groups, and asked them to use these ATMs. 

While one version of the ATM had serious-looking buttons, and an ugly design, the other ATM had attractive, aesthetically-looking buttons with some stunning design elements. The functionality of both of these ATMs and their buttons was the same, but the appearance and user experience were vastly different. 

 At the end of the experiment, the researchers found their answer: The ATM versions with attractive buttons were perceived as easier to use, while the ones with serious buttons and zero aesthetics were perceived as tough to use. 

Although both the ATMs were identical, and the buttons had the same functionality, the respondents’ perception of usability was completely different. 

This is a very important distinction when it comes to developing mobile apps and digital platforms. Such is the importance that we are winning the battle of mobile app development & product engineering, due to this unique distinction between good and bad design. 

Creative, Immersive Design Helping Us Win The Battle 

We are TechAhead, a global leader in product development and digital transformation with a strong focus on mobile apps and digital platforms. 

There is a reason why some of the biggest global brands like Audi, Disney, American Express, AXA, and others have chosen us over others, and the answer lies in our relentless focus on conceptualizing amazing user experience, seamless user interface, and breathtaking design. 

 Of course, technology is the foundation based on which our mobile app development company  creates apps, web portals and IoT-powered digital platforms, but when every other agency has access to the same technology, what shall be the differentiator? 

One-word answer is design. And we are very serious about this. 


How We Develop Stunning Designs? 

We are powered by a 170+ strong team, based out of Los Angeles, USA and Noida, India. While our team of creative, flamboyant designers is located in Los Angeles, our highly talented programmers are working from Noida. 

Meanwhile, our solution architects, business analysts, and project managers are spread over both US and India. 

 This unique amalgamation of design culture, business acumen, and technical expertise is something that is pushing us to break old records, demolish stereotypes and set new benchmarks in service excellence in the space of mobile app development, product development, and digital transformation. 

In the last 11 years, we have successfully delivered 2000+ mobile apps, digital platforms, and IoT-based smart solutions, and we strongly believe that our focus on design has been the trigger that helped us to consistently deliver them. 

 Good Design Means Delighted Users, High Engagement, More Profit 

The business model of mobile apps is simple: The more users are engaged and use the app, the higher is the profits, and the cycle repeats. 

And this higher engagement and delight from the end-users will only trigger when they are happy to use the mobile apps, and the digital platforms. 

For example, our Emmy-award-winning client wanted a mobile application for their popular relationship card game called {The And}. The purpose of this relationship card game is to incite more meaningful conversations among couples, partners, families, friends, and even strangers. 

We conceptualized an immersive, engaging design for this mobile app, which encouraged more and more users to play this game, and in turn, helped our clients to generate more revenues. We transformed the Emmy award-winning team’s design ideas into the mobile platform, and this helped us win. 

 In another case, we were approached by Volatile, an award-winning lighting innovator from Berlin to develop a mobile app that enabled their users to program and schedule different light scenes on their walls. We heavily used the Internet of Things and Machine Learning to make it happen, but the trigger was the soothing, aesthetic design elements we deployed for this mobile app that helped us win. 


With a stellar, minimalistic design of the mobile app, we packed a punch of high-end features within the same space, and this enabled unprecedented engagement from the users, and the clients were never so happy. 

There is another example of AXA’s road assistance app, wherein our designing and product engineering enabled 80% faster response time for the users stuck in the road, or the Healthy Mummy mobile app that helped 2 million+ moms to lose 6 million pounds, all within a year. Or the feature rich but minimalistic mobile app for construction workers that helped them save 60 minutes per day in productivity. 

 We can share 2000+ such success stories, all laden with data and statistics with one common thread: Stunning design, immersive user experience, and powerful technology stack to deliver a memorable experience to the users. 

With our mission to empower digital entrepreneurs, startups, enterprises, and SMEs with disruptive product engineering, mobile & Cloud technologies, and digital transformation, we would like to spread an important message: Focus on design, and pay close attention to the user experience for guaranteed success. 

 If you are planning to launch a mobile app or a website, or a digital platform using IoT, Cloud and Machine Learning, then we would love to speak with you, and share more insights on why design is the most important aspect for you right now. We can be reached here, or follow us on Linkedin to say hi! 

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