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What is Sigma Black Belt Certification and How It Can Help You?

by Eric

Do you work in the industry of quality auditing or Six Sigma? Are you currently working towards your Six Sigma black belt certification? Have you already achieved a black belt certification in Six Sigma but do not know how to make the most of it? If so, this article discusses what a Sigma Black Belt is and how it can help you.

What is Six Sigma Black Belt Certification?

According to reports, the increasing adoption of data analytics in end-use industries to analyze the data is expected to drive demand for BI software. Six Sigma black belt certification is the second-highest of six levels of certification in Six Sigma the ultimate objective of which is leadership. It takes a minimum of 3 years to earn this title and over 300 hours are required to pass all required exams. The primary job responsibility for people with this level of certification is project leadership and management. It means they are accountable for the outcomes of every project in the organization.

Black belts are expected to help organizations grow by performing at their highest level and achieving excellence through quality projects. However, they can also grow their careers by obtaining further certifications (such as Lead Auditor, Green Belt, Master Black Belt), learning new skills (like Lean Six Sigma), gaining experience, and developing certifiable people.

Why Do You Need a Six Sigma Black Belt?

Six Sigma black belt is all about project leadership. It may not come easy for many if they start their career in Six Sigma. Here are the advantages of having a black belt in Six Sigma. AWS Certification: Is It Worth It?

Easily Manage Projects

Having a Six Sigma black belt means that you will be in charge of project management. You can then lead and motivate others to work together towards the same goal and complete the project successfully.

Black Belt Certification Is Often Required For Promotion

Most organizations require this level of certification before an individual can be promoted to a higher position. For instance, some may require Lead Auditor certification before promoting a black belt holder in Six Sigma to master a black belt. Many organizations require the minimum level of certification for promotion, but beyond that, there is no limit on how many more certifications you can earn. For instance, the highest certification level is a master black belt.

Become a Certified Instructor:

If you are interested in teaching about Six Sigma or related tools and techniques, you can consider getting your black belt first. It will help you better understand how it all works so you can be more effective as an instructor when it comes to teaching others.

Black Belt Certification Helps You Have A Better Grasp On The Terminology:

Having a good understanding of the Six Sigma terminology is essential because you will work together with other experienced professionals in this field. It will also help you identify problem areas and communicate more effectively. This can be achieved with a black belt certification in Six Sigma. Types of PMP certifications for your better future.

Black Belt Is A Stepping Stone For Higher Six Sigma Certifications:

Having a black belt is an essential first step towards achieving higher certifications. For example, you can earn a Lean Six Sigma green belt and then continue with your journey to becoming a Master black belt.

Additional Resources For Further Learning:

Many of the organizations that offer black belt certification also provide their students with additional resources such as online communities, training classes, webinars, and of course, certified mentors and instructors.

Expand Career Opportunities:

Some organizations require black belt certification before you can apply for a higher position; however, some will also allow you to get this certification while working simultaneously (i.e., obtaining this certification on the side).

Industry Expertise:

The certification confirms your knowledge of the Six Sigma methodology and hands-on experience. It shows that you clearly understand how this particular organizational project management process works and what it takes to make it successful.

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