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Tips to Make Your Employee Training More Interesting and Engaging

by Eric

There is a common notion that employee training is boring and at all engaging. Many employees attend the training just for the sake of attending it but not to get value out of it. There are multiple factors why employees are interested, it could be their disinterest towards the course no matter how engaging it is or the course itself is engaging enough.

If the course is designed in such a way as to have maximum retention value and engagement, employees will automatically be interested to learn. If you are providing online training, leveraging learning management systems like “Mindflash” is one of the best options. With these tools, you can offer different learning methods, making the learning process more customized. The subscription rates of these tools are also very minimal. For instance, if you check Mindflash pricing, they offer a free trial and their subscription rates are also very affordable. However, along with leveraging the tool to its fullest, you need to get a few things right to make the training more engaging. Keep reading the article to know more.

1)Opt for video-based content:

No one has the patience to go through long forms of text content. To make it more engaging, leverage video-based content using animation and graphics whenever needed. With video content, learners can pause the video whenever they want and watch it as many times as they want. As well. However, don’t overload with videos as text content is also important. Find the right balance between the both by experimenting with what works the best for you. Read more about Canvas TCISD login details for Students and Employees.

2)Keep it interactive:

To keep the learning process more engaging, try to keep the lectures more interactive. Live chats, quizzes, Q&A, and other assessments should be added before or after the course. Also, whenever possible conduct lives sessions that are only dedicated to answering the questions raised by the learners. These activities will let the learners engage with the content.

3)Relate the concepts with scenarios:

Let’s be frank, it’s hard to sit for long hours for a lecture and concentrate unless it’s fun and engaging. So, it’s the job of the tutor to make it interesting and engaging. As a tutor, try to correlate course concepts with real-life situations, practical examples, and anecdotes that people usually connect. In this way, you can draw a large number of people into your lecture.

4)Mobile-friendly content:

These days, most of the younger generation rely on mobiles for information and they like to learn through mobiles as it is a flexible option. So, while choosing a learning management system, ensure it provides access to mobiles and tablets along with desktops. With mobile learning, learners can learn from anywhere and anytime they want. All they need is a mobile to get the job done.


Microlearning is nothing but small and bit-sized learning modules which hardly take 5 to10 minutes to go through. Large information is cut down short with bullet points. This is an effective way to learn especially in this day and age where attention spans are so less. Employees can also easily retain the knowledge as they only need to process short forms of content.


Last but not the least, allow the learned to provide feedback on various aspects of the training. Be it feedback on the tutor, content format, lectures scheduling, assessments, or whatever it could be. When you are open to feedback, learners can share their opinions to make the learning process more interesting and engaging. Also, once you receive the feedback, ensure you take the necessary steps to solve the issues raised by your learners.


If you miss out on an engaging learning experience there is no use to conduct employee training even though you do all the hard yards of creating the content, hiring a well-qualified trainer, and getting enough budget for training. Follow these effective steps to see how your employee training suddenly becomes more efficient and engaging.

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