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Six Sigma: 6 Tips to Find the Perfect Course

by Eric

Are you planning to enroll in a Six Sigma certificate program? Congratulations! The journey ahead of you is certainly worth it. The certification will open up career opportunities, make you stand out in the crowd, and help you earn higher pay grades. There are plenty of Six Sigma training courses available to choose from. This article will discuss six proven tips that can help you enroll in the best course for you.

Select the Right Certification Level:

The first step is to choose the certification level that’s right for you. A Six Sigma yellow belt course will gain you a solid theoretical understanding of Six Sigma methodology, which leaves you well equipped to handle various business improvement projects in your company or industry vertical. According to reports, insurance, technology, and business services are the three industries with the highest rate of business intelligence adoption today.

To gain hands-on experience, it is recommended that you start practicing Six Sigma techniques immediately after completing a yellow belt course. In contrast, a Six Sigma green belt certification will propel you to the next level of expertise. The course equips you to handle complicated problems and drive business-critical projects from start to finish. If you are looking for advanced skills in problem analysis and solution selection, then a Six Sigma black belt is the certification that you need. Read more about What is Sigma Black Belt and How It Can Help You?

Check Out the Instructor’s Background:

It is always best to enroll for Six Sigma certificate courses from a reputed training institute or an industry expert with years of experience in this field. It has successfully trained hundreds of students in six sigma tools and techniques. A trainer with real-time industry exposure can help you become highly competent, and their extensive experience can help you acquire comprehensive knowledge in a short period. Six Sigma yellow belt certification will open up many job opportunities, including entry-level IT and management roles. You can select the level based on your qualifications and industry experience.

Compare the Curriculums:

The next step is to compare the curriculums of multiple training institutes that offer Six Sigma certificate courses in your city. Review each course description and see if it covers all six sigma tools and techniques or not. Contact an institute representative to ask about their course curriculum if you are still confused.

Some essential tools to be included in the curriculum are:

  • DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control)
  • DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify)
  • Lean Six Sigma concepts
  • Minitab for statistical analysis training
  • Excel for data analysis.

You will need to verify the cost of Six Sigma training courses offered by different training institutes in your city. It is advised that you compare multiple course packages before deciding to enroll for any particular one. Remember, it’s your hard-earned money that you are spending.

Make a List of Training Institutes in Your City:

Once you choose an institute, make a list and then contact each of them for details like course fee, class timings, and the availability of training material and resources. Select an institute that has space available in your preferred dates and schedule.

Focus on Learning Quality, Not Quantity:

Some training programs claim to provide you with the learning content you will ever need. While this can undoubtedly sound great, it is not what you should be aiming for. It is because such courses often end up providing shredded information and guidance to meet a given word count requirement. The right approach would be to find a course that provides you with just the right amount of content and guidance. It will enable you to spend more time practicing what you have learned, which is where real learning occurs anyway.

Select the Right Exam:

Once you have completed your certification course, some institutes will ask you to appear for a Six Sigma examination to earn your certification. A few training companies offer all the learning materials needed to take this exam at their institute. Suppose this is not the case with your preferred training institute. In that case, they may provide you with the exam voucher, which will enable you to register for and appear in the Six Sigma certification exam at your convenience.

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