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Top 5 Benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds

by Eric

Lab grown diamonds have experienced a tremendous jump in popularity over the past few years as more people become aware of all of the benefits created diamonds have to offer. Whether the buyer is looking for the perfect engagement ring or an accent piece to symbolize an important event, the wide variety of lab created diamonds available makes it easy for any buyer to find the perfect gem that fits both their style and their budget. Here are some of the biggest benefits buyers can get from buying lab grown diamonds.

Superior Quality & Purity

When purchasing a diamond, the clarity and color of the gem are very important considerations, with higher ratings commanding higher prices. While mined diamonds are often contaminated by their surrounding environment, which can darken or cloud its appearance, lab created gems are formed in a controlled environment virtually free of impurities. This makes lab grown diamonds much clearer and brighter than their natural counterparts.

Known Origin of Every Diamond

Knowing where a diamond has come from has become a top concern over time as more people have become worried about the environmental and humanitarian impacts of the gems they buy. Since lab grown diamonds have been created in a factory by scientists, the buyer knows exactly where the diamond comes from and the path it took from factory to jeweler, which is all backed up with verified paperwork.

Environmental Superiority

Growing diamonds in a lab has a much smaller environmental footprint than mining for the gems. Diamond mining can destroy large parcels of land, displacing the local wildlife and polluting the environment with mining waste and the by-products of fossil fuels. Lab grown diamonds sold by environmentally-friendly companies are often produced using renewable energy and very few natural resources. Read more about Diamond Rings at Your Finger Tips.

Larger, Better Diamonds in Budget

Growing diamonds in a lab is less expensive than mining diamonds at a dig site and the prices for each type of diamond are reflective of that. Lab grown diamonds can cost as much as 40% less than natural diamonds of the same size and quality, due to the supply chain for these gems being more efficient and the distance they must travel from source to buyer is much shorter. Buying a lab-created stone leaves more room in the budget for a bigger diamond or higher-quality housing for the gem.


In recent years, many people have become concerned about where mined diamonds are coming from. Horrific stories have emerged about how some mined diamonds are sourced from places where forced labor or child labor is used. Purchasing a lab-created diamond ensures that the money is not going to mines controlled by unsavory characters that are taking advantage of struggling populations.

Bottom Line

Lab grown diamonds are comparable to natural diamonds in every way and are superior to their natural counterparts in numerous areas. Made with cutting-edge technology, these created gems have the same physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds, but are less expensive, more environmentally responsible, are ethically sourced, and have a more desirable appearance.

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