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Eco-Friendly 1 ct Diamonds for Engagement Rings: Lab Diamonds?

by Eric

Lab diamonds are diamonds that have been made from recycled materials. Lab diamonds come from natural carbon and are far less expensive than their mined counterparts. Lab Diamonds are the most environmentally friendly choice when you consider how mining diamonds can harm the earth. These precious gems come with a lab-grown alternative to mining, virtually eliminating carbon emissions and environmental damage with every diamond purchase. Lab Diamonds offer their customers an ethical option that contributes to a better future for themselves and their children.

Why are lab-grown diamonds better?

Below are the most common reasons lab-grown diamonds are better than mined ones.

  1. They are not sourced from natural resources.
    Mined diamonds come from the earth, whereas lab-grown diamond can be made with little to no waste and does not require mining materials. Lab-grown diamonds do not use any natural resources in their creation and contribute less to the environment.
  1. They are cheaper.
    The cost of lab diamonds is approximately half that of mined stones, which makes them more affordable for all customers regardless of their budget or lifestyle choices.
  2. They are more ethical.
    The mining of diamonds is a highly controversial and costly process that has caused severe environmental and social problems in Africa. Lab diamonds offer a sustainable alternative for you and your loved ones to enjoy, as this style of diamond is produced with negligible environmental impact.
  3. They are unique.
    Lab diamonds can be uniquely created by the customer’s desires, turning them into something completely different from anything currently in the market at an affordable price. The customer can choose from thousands of options ranging from shapes, colors, cuts, and sizes to customize their lab-grown diamond into the perfect reflection of their style.
  4. They are harder than mined stones.
    Lab-grown diamonds have many more facets than mined ones, making them more durable and longer-lasting in cutting. Mined diamonds tend to be soft and vulnerable to scratches, but lab-grown stones are made with a high level of durability and will not easily break or chip. They are also resistant to cracking, which can cause them to be easily damaged.
  5. They are safe for the environment.
    Lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory setting with preventative measures taken to protect against contamination during the manufacturing process, preventing the spread of any harmful pathogens from ever reaching the surface of their creation, thus making them safe for consumers and the environment.
  6. They offer a better value.
    The generation of enough power to run a microwave for 3 seconds is needed to produce a single 1-carat diamond by mining, but only $42 is needed to create a Lab Diamond of the same size in its place. This makes Lab Diamonds a much more cost-effective alternative for any consumer investing in a precious stone.
  7. They are created using less energy.
    The cost of producing mined diamonds requires significant amounts of electricity, which is a non-renewable resource that is becoming more expensive and harder to harness. Lab-grown diamonds require far less energy to produce, making them a more environmentally friendly option and a better choice for future generations.

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How to find good lab-created diamond deals from

  1. Know your options.
    It is important to know your options before you leap into purchasing a diamond engagement ring. The most popular option is mined diamonds, but there are also lab-grown diamonds on the market. Once you understand all the options available, choosing something that fits your budget and tastes will be easier.
  1. Know what you’re buying.
    One of the biggest mistakes people make when they shop for a diamond is that they do not know what kind of stone they are looking for or what the quality should be like if they want to get true value for their money. If you are buying a diamond from a trusted online site, you should know the difference between carat weight, color, and clarity ratings so that you can find something that fits your needs and that won’t cost too much money.
  2. Do not buy something just because it’s a good price.
    One of the most important things when looking for a diamond is ensuring its quality is good enough for what you want to use it for. You want the stone to look great in its setting, so do not buy anything less than what will make your beautiful idea ring live up to its name.
  3. Try on different settings before you buy one.
    Do not buy a diamond ring when you only have one set that it goes with. You want a ring that will look good no matter what setting it is in. That’s why you should try out different settings to see which one looks the best on your finger before you buy it so that you are sure that you will like the final product and not be disappointed when you get to wear it.
  4. Look for a wide range of gemstone qualities.
    You do not want to spend all your money on a single diamond, especially if it is not very special or unique. You want to ensure that you are getting a ring with a different colored gemstone to make it interesting and eye-catching. At RareCarat, you can find a unique selection of diamond stud earrings as well as other types of jewelry, so you should not have any trouble finding something that will go well with your engagement ring.

How much does a diamond 1 carat cost?

Lab-grown and mined diamonds are both very popular options for people who want to purchase a diamond engagement ring. The cost of a diamond 1 carat is determined by the type of lab equipment that goes into production, but it also depends on the diamond’s size since it takes less room to grow a bigger one.


In conclusion, a lab-grown and mined diamond is a great option for those looking for a diamond for an engagement ring. You can find lab-grown diamonds at a fraction of the cost that mined diamonds require and of a higher quality. For consumers looking for something different, lab-grown diamonds are also an option.

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