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Diamond Rings at Your Finger Tips

by Eric

Diamond rings, also known as diamond engagement rings, are among the most popular and expensive jewelry. They symbolize eternal love, fidelity, and commitment. An engagement ring is actually a ring showing that the individual wearing it is already married, particularly in Western societies. An engagement ring is usually presented by a partner to his or her future spouse prior to a wedding proposal or immediately after a proposed marriage agreement is approved. It is also used as a measure of value or an expression of one’s wealth to a potential spouse. Given these settings, you may find diamond rings quite valuable.

There are basically two types of diamond rings – two-tone and three-tone rings. The two-tone diamond rings have various settings, usually a central gemstone with colored facets. Colored diamonds, such as pink, red, yellow, blue, and green, are often found in these rings. In the two-tone diamond rings, the central gemstone is surrounded by an array of colors on the band’s perimeter. For example, some examples of two-tone diamo`nd rings include black and white diamonds with green accents.

Three-tone diamond rings, on the other hand, display a combination of black and yellow diamonds. They are normally accented with white or pink sapphires. In addition, some examples of three-tone diamond rings contain other gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, or tanzanites. Despite the name, these diamonds can come in a variety of sizes. Their shape, weight, cut and quality can vary widely.

When it comes to choosing engagement rings, it might sound difficult to choose a diamond band that would represent your love. However, there are several tips that can help you in making the best choice. First of all, you need to determine whether you would prefer gold or diamond.

De Beers, the world’s largest diamond producer, uses three gemological parameters in determining the value of a diamond: clarity, color, and carat. Clarity refers to the way in which the diamond reflects light white color refers to its translucency. Carat means weight and size. It is advised to select smaller diamonds because they are less expensive.

As a diamond cutter from De Beers, Mickey De Luca explains the importance of using gemological tools. “When a diamond is cut into carat, the internal facets reveal the texture and chemical composition of the carbon. It gives the buyer a rough idea about the four C’s of a diamond. If we talk about the color then it defines the color grade. We can say that a diamond which has a red color is high carbon.” Since diamonds are rarer than other precious stones, the diamond ring with be worth more as compared to another similar stone.

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