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Everything You Need To Know About Baby Formula Lawsuit

by Eric

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a deadly infection. It can be life-threatening if not treated immediately. Hiring the best baby formula lawsuit attorneys is essential if you want to sue the responsible parties. Here is a detailed guide about the lawsuit, who can file it, and how to win the case.

What Is A Baby Formula Lawsuit?

In the last few years, NEC cases have risen among premature babies. Most of these babies are premature and are fed baby formula Enfamil or Similac. Many babies got severely affected by NEC, and some even lost their lives.

After research, it was found that cow’s milk caused NEC in infants. It is a predominant ingredient in these baby formulas. It led to lawsuits by parents stating that there is a problem with these baby formulas. Currently, there are hundreds of baby formula cases against hospitals and manufacturing companies. The main reason behind the lawsuits is that manufacturing companies did not inform about cow’s milk and its relation with NEC. Another major factor behind these lawsuits is the company’s claims that these formulas are best for premature babies.

What are the Common Symptoms of NEC?

The British medical council in 2021 reported their findings in a study to relate NEC and formula food. The report validated the discussions that babies fed formula are more likely to get NEC.

NEC or necrotizing enterocolitis is a condition seen among babies born prematurely. In this condition, the intestine wall of the digestive system gets a bacterial infection. The bacterial inflammation causes inflammation in the cells, which leads to partial or complete damage to the bowel. The condition can also stop blood flow to the organs. This leads to oxygen starvation and eventual organ failure.

Common symptoms of NEC are:

  • Jaundice
  • Feeding residuals or intolerance
  • Metabolic acidosis
  • Increased or decreased bowel movements
  • Green fluid in intestinal walls
  • Breathing trouble
  • Lethargy
  • Slow heart rate

During the early stages of symptoms, if the child is diagnosed with NEC, they can be treated thoroughly. They can generally live without complications. But, NEC tends to worsen with time as the infection can spread fast. Doctors can test NEC with various diagnosis methods like blood gas levels, blood cultures, and imaging. Read more about the Personal injury lawyer near me.

After diagnosing the child, they are treated with strong antibiotics and nutrients intravenously. In severe cases, the decayed part of the intestine is removed surgically.

Who Can File A Lawsuit?

Parents of infants diagnosed with NEC are eligible to file a lawsuit. The most common criteria for filing a case are:

  • The baby was born prematurely
  • Enfamil and Similac was used
  • The baby was diagnosed with NEC
  • The baby needed corrective surgery for NEC

The attorney files a lawsuit for wrongful death in case of death due to NEC.

How To Win The Lawsuit?

The NEC or baby formula lawsuit against Similac or Enfamil is still in its early stages. There are no details released about the compensations and verdicts. However, hiring the best lawyer is the first step if you want to win against big pharma giants.

You should look for a baby formula lawyer in your state. They should be compassionate and experienced enough to represent you in court for damage settlement. In most cases, the lawyer will ask the parents to sue either:

  • Medical facility/hospital for negligence in care.
  • Or the manufacturing company of the baby formula.

A few things that are important to winning in a lawsuit are:

  • File a personal injury lawsuit.
  • Take the child’s medical reports into account.
  • Keep the NEC medical and diagnosis reports. Know the time when the infant started symptoms.

Winning lawsuits against baby formula manufacturers can take some time. You must keep yourself well informed about the cases filed in the country. Learn about the legal proceedings and hire the best lawyer for the lawsuit.

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