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Photo booth rental | Popular photo booth ideas

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Photo booth rental | Popular photo booth ideas

Most people planning an event, be it a wedding, party, mitzvah, or corporate event, spend a huge amount of time, money, and work planning this “perfect” event. You pay so much attention to having the perfect event location, catering, event decoration, the right colors, and the best entertainment. The most underestimated part of a big event is usually ignored. What it is? Guests, of course! While you book or lease a photo booth for a wedding or occasion, it brings your guests to the amusement. You give them the opportunity to enjoy themselves by making your event fun and memorable. In this article, we’ll discuss photo booth rental and popular types of photo booths in different ceremonies.

Photo booths are the perfect icebreaker

When you rent a photo booth, this is an easy way to create a fun, creative, and entertaining mood for your event. It brings endless fun and is a creative way to break the ice and bring people together. This encourages them to take part in the evening festivities. Remember the old booths? How funny was it to see your grandparents kissing in huge glasses in a photo booth? Everyone loves watching a lot of people trying to squeeze in for the perfect photo in a photo booth. The two things you see in every photo booth are smile and laughter. This fun is infectious throughout the event.

Photo booth rental for birthday celebrations

The Party Energizers photo booth gives you the opportunity to celebrate your birthday with a new mood and a new level of fun! This will keep your guests engaged and people will have a friendlier environment where they can make friends and take pictures together without even distracting your attention! Amazing features such as theme layouts, backgrounds, instant photo sharing, HD quality image printing, and dozens of “CRAZY PROPS” will lift your finger as a presenter. Make your Birthday Party more fun and exciting with the photo booth.

Photo booth rental for weddings

Entertaining all the guests at a wedding is no easy task, and you never want to offend your guests without paying attention to them. Therefore, renting a photo booth is the best solution in such a situation! With photo booths, your guests have unlimited fun wearing fun props and they will be delighted to be captured in our exclusive photo booths. Now available all sorts of new technologies and make sure that your guests receive high quality printed photos immediately. Your guests can receive their photos using the photo-sharing options, which they can instantly share photos on Facebook and Instagram. Read more

How much does it cost to rent a photo booth?

Typically $ 700 to $ 1200 per event. The majority of photo booth companies have the smallest amount number of hours of service that can range from 2 to 4 hours. However, we found that the average rent in the US is between $ 200 and $ 300 per hour.

How many pictures does the photo booth take?

A: Although it depends on how many hours the photo booth is open at the event, the math yields roughly 40-50 booth pages, averaging 120-150 individual photos per hour.

How big is your photo booth?

It depends on your choice of background. We can fit into very tight spaces while taking up little space. On the other hand, we can use massive backgrounds that can accommodate large groups.

How a large number of people can be able to fit in your photo booth?

The number of people in the photo booth at the same time is limited only by the size of your background. If you choose to use a large brick wall as a backdrop, you are only limited by the number of people that can fit in that area. The duty officer will make sure that everyone is insightful.

  • 6ft background Average 4-8 people
  • 8ft background Average 6-10 people
  • 10ft backdrop on average 10-15 people
  • 15 feet on average 20-30 people

Let’s discuss some best photo booth types which can enhance the beauty of any event. Check some most popular photo booth in the following:

Open-air photo booth

Among the most popular types of photo booths in this tubeless photo, the station will be a camera on a tripod or table. It can come with a background and props, or just the camera itself then you can create your own background. To use it, your guest presses “start”, a countdown begins and a few photos are taken. Some photo booth companies offer on-site printouts, while others ask guests to enter their phone numbers or email addresses to receive digital photographs.

Slow-motion video photo booth

Would you like to give your guests a sore cheek at your wedding? Choose a time-lapse video booth that allows your guests to create short clips in super slow motion. The consequence is always humorous, no substance what happens in the booth.

FlipBook Photo Booth

If GIFs and slow-motion videos are too height technology for your flavor, why not rent a photo booth company that makes flipbooks instead? This is definitely one of the most nostalgic photo booth ideas out there, and nothing is more delightfully old than a tiny book that features a mini-movie as it is compressed and flipped at high speed.

GIF-Maker Photo Booth

Take it one step beyond flat photography and hire a photo booth company that lets your guests create animated GIFs that they can easily share on social media. Who needs GIF reaction shots from movies and TV shows when you can create them with your IRL friends? absolutely one of the coolest types of photograph booths!

Photo booth with green screen

Your guests can travel to faraway lands without even leaving the wedding venue with a green screen photo booth for your wedding. The green background will allow your friends to choose what is behind them in their photos, which is sure to be fun.

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