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How to Plan an Office Day Out?

by Eric

An office day out is a great way for teams to get to know each other and strengthen their bond. Whether the day out revolves around a celebration or corporate team building, an away day can boost performance, motivation, and productivity. Office days out encourage camaraderie within a team and enable good work relations to blossom. Not to mention, getting out of the office for a day to do something different will give your employees something to look forward to. Here are a few top tips to help you plan a successful office day out.

What is the Occasion?

When organizing an office day out, the first thing you need to determine is the aim of the event. Goals should be set, and the agenda should be made apparent to everyone involved. For example, you may want your team to let their hair down and celebrate a milestone anniversary at the corporate event. Alternatively, a day consisting of team-building activities is ideal for new employees. It can help foster good relations between new and old staff members, and it will reveal to you how well they can work in a team.

Choose the Right Location and Activity:

Once you have determined the goal, you can pick the location and activity. Although it might be tempting to keep costs down and host the event at the office, avoid this option. It is important that you pick a venue outside of work and that the venue has a completely different feel from the office. Find a location that suits all of your employees. If in doubt, make travel arrangements, such as hiring a coach, to ensure everyone can attend. Celebratory event ideas can include a bowling night, happy hour at a nice bar, or a rented function room for a milestone anniversary or an upcoming holiday. On the other hand, a group workshop, an escape room, and other activities involving team challenges are ideal if you want your team to connect professionally.

Branded Swag:

Handing out promotional swag can add an element of fun to any event, especially if they can use it during the away day. Everyone loves a freebie, and unique, branded products can help make your corporate day stand out. Whether your swag includes t-shirts with the company logo or customized straw hats, your team will appreciate the extra effort.

Make the Most of Your Time:

Make sure you manage your time efficiently to make the most of your office day out. From start to finish, create a detailed itinerary of the day, which includes breaks and lunch. By creating time slots for each activity, you will ensure all of the time is accounted for, and there is less chance of employees getting bored. Read more about A Review On the Pristine Waters in Komodo pink Beach.


If you are planning to incorporate an office day out at least once a year, it is vital that you collect feedback after your event. Asking your employees for their thoughts about the day, such as the things they liked and disliked the most, can help shape the next away day you plan.

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