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What is a Micro Wedding Everything You Must Know

by Eric

The term “micro wedding” has become a lot more popular in the last few months, but you must be thinking, what is it? Is it a good option for me? Why is it different from a traditional wedding? Well, good news, we are here to help and get you these answers, and if you are still in the early stages of your wedding plans, this might be a little guide to get you started.

A micro wedding is basically a smaller version of a traditional wedding; it can also be thought of as a more intimate wedding. One of the characteristics of a micro wedding could be that often the list of guests is filled with super close friends and family members, including no more than 50 guests, to be more exact.


Micro weddings have been out there for a while; in fact, they have been a thing for a few years now in other countries such as the UK, but due to the pandemic, it was fair that they became so popular in the US and around the world. It is well known that COVID has changed all our lives in some way or another. We had to adjust and keep our lives going; people still wanted to get married and have their loved ones close, but the number of guests had to be reduced a lot to reduce the risk of infection. As a creative answer to the situation, the popularity of a micro wedding started, and it is fair to say they are here to stay because of all the pros people have noticed.


Even though a micro wedding is a smaller wedding, it still has all the traditional characteristics that get all of us excited, such as ceremony, reception, cocktails, decoration, photographer, etc.

You might be asking what the benefits of a micro wedding are? Well, it has more benefits than you can expect, and here we give you just a few of them:

  • Not as stressful as we all have heard, wedding planning can be overwhelming because you must find the right venue to fit hundreds of guests and accommodate their needs.
  • Less time spent on photos. Usually, a lot of time is spent in formal photos and with the bridal party; for a micro wedding, the formal pictures will only include a limited number of guests, making it simpler. The photographer does stay to capture the moments of the ceremony and fun at the event, though.
  • Micro wedding ceremony time is usually shortened to 30 mins, and speeches are shorter too.
  • Your guests can have a more personal wedding experience with the bride and groom; there is plenty of time to enjoy special moments and relax.
  • Luxurious details and touches of the wedding can get more affordable.
  • The dress code can be a bit more adjustable to formal or relaxed (depending on the groom and bride preferences).
  • You are saving a chunk of money by cutting off the guests list so that you can spend a little more on fancy drinks, a good DJ, and awesome food; this plays a big role in your wedding experience.
  • No need to think as much about how to entertain and accommodate a large number of people.


Decoration plays a big part in all weddings; deciding to have a micro wedding doesn’t necessarily mean we will not have a nice decoration. Instead, it can get more creative, and we can focus on small touches that will define the scent of your wedding, make sure you feel comfortable with all the details of your special day. Read more about How many people should I invite to my wedding?

Let’s start with what we could call “the frame” of the room or a certain area of the ceremony; the pipe and drape are key since they are used for the backdrop of areas of the room or cover the walls completely. Still, it can create a different experience in the ceremony or party; try adding texture to the draping and different fabrics to make it dreamy and romantic.

You can incorporate floral decorations as accents. The best part is there are tutorials to do it yourself, or you might as well prefer taking that weight off your back and have someone give you a hand. Some companies like Ship Our Wedding will rent easy setup DIY draping kits for walls and ceilings.

Some companies can even adjust or alter the drapes and make sure it looks amazing wherever they’re placed; most of these companies also count on a large number of wedding supplies that can be very helpful and even acquired online, nothing better than getting all at one place, this is another great option for making the best out of your wedding planning experience.


One of the main concerns for every couple is the wedding expenses; well, one of the best parts of having a micro wedding is that expenses can be reduced considerably, and you can save money for the honeymoon or your new home.

Just to give you a brief idea of the cost of an incredibly beautiful DIY micro wedding, affordable up light for rent is around 19 dollars, custom name monograms start at 95 dollars, a fancy top single valance pipe and drape DIY starts at 93 dollars, straight pipe and drape cost starts at 90 dollars.

Renting for this decoration and details will help you focus on yourself on your special day since everything is usually set up very quickly, and they ship two days before the event. They also give you the flexibility of sending the rented items back two days after your party. This is just a little piece of information so you can see and picture these details that can elevate your micro wedding without having to spend money like water.

Now you have a better idea of what a micro wedding is and all the pros of organizing one. Because of all the benefits mentioned above and many more, we strongly believe this trend is here to stay and could be just the right option for your big day; we highly encourage you to look into it and start planning the micro wedding of your dreams.

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