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What is a Bumper Car? Safety guidelines for bumper cars

by Eric

Bumper cars are the most popular, long-lasting, and iconic amusement park rides out there. They are unpredictable and a hilarious way to unleash repressed energy for almost a century. The first bumper cars were introduced by a company called Dodgem in the early 1920s. These cars are also referred to as bumping cars, dashing cars, or dodging cars.

What Are Bumper Cars?

A bumper car is a type of ride that consists of small electrically powered cars that draw power from the ceiling or floor. These cars can be turned on and off remotely by an operator. Bumper parks are common in places like amusement parks and most indoor fun venues.

Are you familiar with the surprising facts about the earliest versions of bumper cars? The facts may sound alarming and amusing.

Amusing Facts about Bumper Cars:

We have highlighted several facts about the earliest forms of bumper cars:

  1. The Earliest Form of Bumper Ride Was Not Supposed To Collide With Each Other

The first invention of bumper cars had predictable movements that made it possible to avoid ramming into each other. The rides were thus named “Dodgem,” also the company that made them.

Nowadays, the whole point of bumper cars is to collide with other participants as hard and often as possible. The unpredictable movements before and after collisions provide fun and hilarity during the ride.

  1. The First Bumpers Were Not Supposed To Bump As They Would Fall Apart

The earliest form of bumper rides had a good reason for collision avoidance—the main reason being that the bumper cars would fall apart upon impact. In addition, the cars would also get dents from a single kick, or occupants would go flying after a collision. Read more about How To Properly Maintain Your Children’s Electric Cars?

  1. The Earliest Bumper Cars Were Not Driveable

The first rides of bumper cars were hectic. The car’s design lacked maneuverability, making riders have wild rides and thrown out of the arena.

  1. The Fun with the Past And Current Bumper Cars Is Still the Same

Though current rides have undergone vast improvements in safety, steering, and design, they have no difference in the form of fun they delivered back in the day. Impaired driving and ramming other riders are embraced as part of the fun.

Bumper Car Safety Guidelines:

Bumper cars are rides that have stood the test of time and appeal to all ages. Before any riding adventure, you need to ensure that your child knows the safety rules to keep safe. Some of the vital safety tips follow include:

  • Follow guidelines on restrictions on weight, height, and age
  • Always secure the safety belts
  • One car should carry only one rider
  • Keep feet on the pedal and hands on the steering levers at all time
  • No carrying of drinks or food into the arena
  • No standing, holding hands, or having with other riders during a ride

Timezone Bumper Cars:

Timezone is a permanent location in Singapore that offers bumper car riding. The cars have flashing lights and are self-powered. Thus you require no fundamental driving skills here. All you need is to step on the pedal, twist the steering wheel, go round the purpose-built track and have fun dodging and crashing into each other.


Timezone has the very best bumper cars that will make you feel special. Contact us right away and get set for an entire day of fun!

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