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How Credit Card Generator works? Uses and IIN

by Eric

A credit card is a card that is issued by a bank.  You can use it to borrow different items, purchase things, and for many other purposes. A credit card is like a loan. The money that you used from your card is provided by the card provider, basically, you spend their money and they take their money from your account to the bank. We will discuss what is a Card credit generator, how it works, its uses, and issuer identification numbers.

Credit Card Generator:

A credit card generator is software that is used to produce valid credit card numbers and whole details by assigning number prefixes. It is used for various tasks in the business industry. With the help of this generator, you can easily recognize credit cards in huge industries. For well understand the major industries’ identifier (MII) and identification number (IIN), you can use this software. Without extra toiling, you can issue a credit card for your bank account. In some countries, it is very difficult to be qualified for it.

How do credit card generators work?

A credit card generator is used to generate random numbers. The created cards are secure and safe, but once the card generator introduced the fake or random credit card numbers, each one will have a special card to so talk to. You can enter your false name, now your fake name must show on the card to increase it a little bit its validity. These are not real cards and they don’t have expiry dates. Generators prepare cards on BIN (bank identification number) from real card details. When preparing credit card details this software must follow the Luhn Algorithm. You can look into provided credit/ debit card bank identification number (BIN) details. It is used to identify those who provide you with the card.


It is helpful in your business life. You can use it for various purposes;

  • Test Data
  • Verifications tasks
  • E-commerce site for checking payment sources
  • Educational purposes

 Data that credit card generator must carry:

  • CVV code (verification value code)
  • It consists of 16 digits.
  • The owner’s name, no worries if he uses a fake name.
  • Address
  • Country name
  • Security Details
  • Validity of months and years, expiry date, (3 months after card generated)
  • A certain amount of money is used to show that the owner has money for buying small things online.

Can you use this card for purchasing?

No, you can’t purchase services or goods through this card which is generated through a credit card generator. The credit card number must pass from the Luhn Algorithm, it ensures that the numbers of credit cards are right, the fake cards also pass the algorithm, but the money transaction is totally varied process and that credit which you generate from software is not valid for money transaction. The numbers of generated credit cards are real, and these numbers are totally sure for all protocols of a valid credit card. But these numbers that are present in generated cards are not attached to the genuine credit card account, that’s why you can’t use them for purchasing. Read more about Freedom Debt Relief- Learning How to Consolidate Credit Card Debt.

Issuer Identification Numbers (IIN):

The first integer of the credit card number is known as Major Industry Identification (MII), and the remaining 6 or 8 integers of the credit card number (also add the first MII integers) are called Issuer Identification Number (IIN). The IIN numbers recognize you as the card provider organization, which provides the card to the user. The card provider earmarks the entire numbers. The card number length is the number of integers. Various card providers print on their cards the entire IIN and account number.

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