How many people should I invite to my wedding?
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How many people should I invite to my wedding?

by Eric

Making a wedding invite list is generally the first thing you do when you start organising your wedding. This will influence your decision of site and how you hand out your plan of how many guests should I invite to my wedding. For some couples this is an easy process, for others, it is less straightforward. When it comes to inquiring manually who to ask to your marriage, there is no hard and quick technique. But we’ve put together a broad approach that can assist you in choosing which visitors to prioritise over others, determining who you actually want there, and determining which guests can be completely cut from your wedding guest list.

Dividing friends and family into lists can seem really cruel, but this is a practical way to do it, and let’s face it, we’ve all been C-list wedding guests at least once in our lives, am I right? Of course, who you invite to your wedding is extremely personal, so your A-D list may be very different from ours. In your family, cousins ​​may feel like brothers and sisters, and you may have many children. The wedding is a high priority, or maybe you want the guest list to be as small as possible – maybe even an escape! The only rule is that all the people you want to be present and that you don’t feel obligated to invite anyone you don’t want to see. Okay, let’s get started, okay? Pens at the ready!

List A: guests that should be invited to the wedding

These are the public you just cannot visualize your wedding without – these are discs of wedding guests from a wasteland island. For some couples, it can be 10 people, for others – 50. So sit down with your significant other and ask yourself: “If we had to get married in the morning, which would we meet there?”

  1. Your parents
  2. Your brothers and sisters
  3. Your closest friends
  4. Your own children

B-List: Guests you really want to invite to your wedding

Typically couples still see this group of people as an extension of List A, but we’ve split it up to help you understand why you want certain guests to be present rather than blindly typing names into a spreadsheet. These are special people that you would like to spend your wedding day with and it is important for you to have them there, but it will not ruin your day if they cannot do it at the last minute. Read more

  1. Your grandparents
  2. Your nieces and nephews
  3. Your closest aunts and uncles.
  4. Your wider circle of friends.

C-List: Guests you will invite to the wedding if space/budget allow

This is where it gets tricky. These are the guests you would really like to invite to the wedding or guests that would be difficult not to invite (for example, some families have an all-or-nothing principle for aunts, uncles, or cousins). But when it comes to budget constraints, the size of your establishment, or just the vibe you want for your day, you might have to draw a line somewhere among the following.

  1. All your aunts and uncles.
  2. All your cousins
  3. Plus to a new relationship/plus to you is not very familiar.
  4. Traveling friends
  5. Old friends, you haven’t seen for a long time
  6. Your closest work friends.
D-List: Guests you may need to invite to your wedding

Ah, list D. So depending on what kind of wedding you’re going to have (and who’s paying for it!), this assortment of potential guests will fit or not. Usually, if your parents are paying for your wedding, they may invite some guests, and if you are having a church ceremony, it is polite to invite a priest to your meal. But when it comes to the fact that you feel obligated to invite your boss, the friends of friends who invited you to their wedding, or your entire throwing team – this is probably where you need to hit the brake.

  1. Priest
  2. Neighbors
  3. Friends of your parents
  4. Children of guests
  5. All from local golf / rugby / GAA club.
  6. People who invited you to their wedding.
  7. All your work colleagues

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