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Liveable Sheds: A Cost-Effect Approach to Better Living

by Eric

In the last few years, the idea of living in a shed house has become a trending notion. As a result, people in Australia are gravitating towards a more minimalist lifestyle, especially those wanting to live near natural habitat. However, for those who haven’t made up their mind yet, wondering whether liveable sheds are genuinely the cost-effective approach to better living, this article is for you!

Here, you’ll learn six reasons why the idea of residing in a liveable shed can be a smart one for you and your family:

1- Overall Living Cost

Of course, the first advantage of opting to live in a shed house is the cheap living costs. The price of a liveable shed is significantly inexpensive compared to traditional homes because there are no foundations and pillars to speak of. Moreover, the utility bills also take a downstroke when you’re living inside a shed that inspires a minimalistic and green lifestyle.

2- Quicker Move-In

Secondly, as soon as the shed is situated at your desired destination, you can have the leading benefit of moving in right away. Although you’ll still have to rely upon professional help to get access to water and electricity, it’s still a much faster process than traditional housing.

Moreover, we recommend consulting with the experts in charge of building custom-liveable sheds, like Fair Dinkum Builds, before making your purchase. They can make it even easier for you to look for a residential product that meets your preferences the best.

3- Less Taxing and Other Costs

Massive bills, taxes, permits, and other unwanted expenses also become a thing of the past once you set up your own liveable shed. Other than the initial building costs, shed houses don’t usually demand much in terms of finances. Not to mention, since the house taxes are generally calculated based on the property’s worth, you wouldn’t have to fess up much tax money as well.

4- Somewhat Portable

Unlike traditional style homes, liveable sheds can be referred to as portable since they aren’t built on a foundation. You can hire someone with a set of special equipment and a trailer to shift your shed when needed. However, you should also remember that this might not be possible for large sheds because they can’t be secured to a trailer due to their size.

5- Downsizing or Extra Living Space

Liveable sheds are an excellent option for people looking to downsize and acquire a residential space that requires less financing. Moreover, they also make an exceptional guest cabin that you can set up on your property for family members who like to visit you from time to time.

6- Affordable Repairs

Lastly, you can’t deny that the most money spent on a house is always on its maintenance. Since liveable sheds require minimal repairs with extensively fewer maintenance costs, you can save a healthy amount of money by taking this cost-effective approach to affordable housing.

With the advantages of living in a shed house laid out for you, you can see for yourself whether liveable sheds can be your preferred choice of housing. However, before taking any steps, we recommend you check the zoning laws to ensure that the placement of liveable sheds is not prohibited in your area.

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