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Debunking Common Fitness Myths

by Eric

Just like too many cooks spoil the broth, too many opinions are a call for trouble. When these opinions are about your fitness goals, it is hard to separate facts from misinformation. However, it’s even harder to ignore them as it is about your health and fitness, and that’s something you cannot afford to take risks with.

Confused much? Don’t worry. We are here to help you. So, please sit back and relax as we begin debunking common fitness myths to make it easier for you to achieve your fitness goals.

Myth 1 – Doing Cardio is Enough for Weight Loss

We are not negating the effectiveness and significance of cardio in your exercise routine, but in no way should it be your primary focus. Yes, you should aim to include 15-20 mins of cardio in your routine. Anything above that is a stretch.

Contrary to popular opinion, doing cardio alone is not enough to fulfill your fitness goals. It will not transform your body overnight or in a few days, even for that matter. Your workout routine needs to include strength training along with cardio. Strength training will help build muscles that you can use to your advantage during cardio.

Myth 2 – Your Weighing Scale Defines Your Weight Loss

People obsess over the number on the weighing scale so much that they lose their focus on the main goal. Yes, it is important to check your weight for motivation, but it does not have to be the only criterion. The number on the scale may not always go down even when you are visibly losing weight. This could be due to various factors like your water and food intake, the time of the day, how much muscle mass you have built, etc.

Keep in mind that once you start building muscles from a workout, the weighing scale is most likely to go up. Please do not lose your mind over it. There are other evaluation methods for you to determine your fitness progress. You can measure and compare the size of your arms, thighs, and stomach.  Another way to confirm that you are losing weight is from the fitting of your clothes if they are loose or not. So, the next time you are sweating over the weighing scale and getting stuck, remember these points to motivate yourself.

Pro tip: Try to measure your weight at the same time of the day to avoid risks of discrepancies.

Myth 3 – Power Supplements are Bad for Your Health

This is 100% inaccurate. Not only do power supplements help accelerate your weight loss journey they also give you a boost of energy. Power supplements, like EHP Oxyshred, are known for delivering positive results for so many. You can also enjoy and choose from a variety of flavors that they offer.

When your weight or motivation levels plateau, using power supplements can really help bring you back to track. Keep in mind that you do not exceed the recommended intake limit of once or twice a day.

Pro tip: Do not eat protein or drink a protein shake at least 30 mins after consuming your daily dose of power supplement.

Myth 4 – The morning is The Best Time for a Workout

There is no scientific proof verifying the statement above. Yes, doing a workout in the morning is highly preferred, but in reality, the time of the day has nothing to do with your weight loss.

Whether you prefer working out at sunrise or sunset does not make a difference; how and what you are doing is what truly matters. Fitness experts recommend that you set a specific time during the day for a workout so it’s easier for you to stick to a schedule. The most important part is being consistent with your routine and not skipping any sessions in between.

 Myth 5 – You Can Target Specific Problem Areas for Fat Burn

As much as we would like this to be true, there is no such thing as ‘spot training’ when it comes to burning fat. Unfortunately, you do not get to choose which areas to burn fat from; your body predetermines and controls that.

When you work out, your body burns fat from all over your body and not just any specific area. For example, doing sit-ups may help strengthen your abs, but it will not necessarily reduce fat from your stomach. You need to maintain a balance between your workout routine and a healthy diet to lose weight effectively. You can then switch your focus towards toning your body and target specific areas.


Now that we have debunked common fitness myths for you. We hope that the next time someone throws these statements at you, you can hit them back with the facts.

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