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How to unlock a bedroom door? Methods of 2022

by Eric

Before you try to break any bedroom lock, you should know about it well. Because there are so many types of bedroom locks, as time has become more advanced and each and everything is modified to the great extent. Before going to gain information about how to unlock a bedroom door, let’s throw some light on the types of bedroom locks, which are as given below:

  • Schlage latitude door lever
  • Kwikset pismo modern knob
  • BOTH STAR keypad door knob
  • Kwikset Juno privacy knob
  • Million home fingerprint door lock
  • Amazon basic door knob
  • Signstek Keyless entry lock

Can you open the bedroom lock from the outside?

It often happens that your room gets locked automatically or maybe because of some technical issue, then it is required to open the door from outside by using different tools or different techniques. You can hire an expert for this purpose, but if you are aware of the important steps of unlocking the lock, you can also do this task by yourself. There is a knob on the outside of your door with a hole in it, and you should put some things in it to open it like a glass screwdriver, a paper clip, a flat-faced hammer, or a very small butter knife. After entering these things in the hole you may have to follow a special method and your lock gets open in two to three minutes. Read more about What You Need To Know About Door Locks?

How to unlock a bedroom lock with a knife?

It is very simple to complete this task if you have enough knowledge about it. Here we provide you with the proper method step by step to unlock the door with a butter knife. First of all, take a butter knife. Enter the knife into the space between the wall and the door right straight to the door knob. Move the knife right and left forcefully and put it a little bit forward and keep on moving it. After a minute or two, you will reach the place of lock and the door become unlocked. This is a very easy and interesting way to open the jammed door. We all know that what we see with our eyes is understood more quickly, so you can watch many videos on youtube to seek better experiences.

How to unlock a bedroom door with a bobby pin?

This method is somehow different to open the lock than the method using a butter knife. For the completion of this purpose, you have to make the bobby pin straight at the angle of 90 degrees, then remove the knob of one end of the pin and put it into the hole of the knob. Rotate this sharp end of the pin three times in a clockwise direction and then two times in an anti-clockwise direction. After doing so, your lock becomes unlocked and the door of your bedroom will open. You can use so many other ways for this purpose, it’s totally up to you.

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