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How to get water out of phone speaker?

by Eric

Some phones provide protection blocks that prevent water from entering the speaker of your phone. Here in this article, we have discussed some methods that are used for removing water from Android phones, removing water from iPhones, and also discussed a method to remove water from Samsung. All these tips will help you to know how to get water out of the phone speaker.

How to get water out of the phone speaker?

The simplest method that is mostly used is to keep your phone at room temperature for some hours in such a position that the face of the speaker is down so that the water will dry out or come out of your speaker.

How do you dry a phone speaker without rice?

As we know that different methods are used for getting water out of your phone’s speaker. You can use any method you find easy and affordable for this purpose described below in detail.

A step-by-step guide that how to get water out of a phone speaker:

If water has poured into the speaker of your phone, then you do not need to take tension. Follow the given instructions step by step to get water out of your phone’s speaker.

1.   Turn off the device:

If water has gone into your phone, then first of all turn off your phone as soon as possible. Sometimes the phone gets to hang and you are unable to off it, in that case, remove its battery and Sim card. After it, dry it with a piece of cloth. Don’t turn on your phone until the water is removed from it.

2.   Use a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer:

The next after removing the battery is to use a vacuum cleaner to dry your phone. It will help you to remove water from all the openings (from all those points where you are unable to reach). You can also use a hair dryer to get water out of your phone’s speaker. Repeat the process until all the water dries up. This process may take 10 to 15 minutes. The time required for drying your phone also depends upon the brand of your phone. Read more about the Best Auto clicker for iPhone.

3.   Take your phone for repair:

If your phone is fixed by following the steps mentioned above, then you can use your phone after doing the process of keeping your phone in rice, but if it is not fixed with the above steps, then you should take your phone to a repair store for repair. Take your phone for repair as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

How to get water out of the phone speaker fast?

You can adopt the following tips to get your phone dried fast.

  1. Let the moisture dry on its own or use some equipment (like a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer) for drying it
  2. Wipe the speaker grills
  3. Use the mini handheld vacuum cleaner
  4. Try shaking the device
  5. Use Siri ‘Water Eject’ shortcut or Android Speaker Cleaner
  6. Try Speaker Cleaner Apps
  7. Let Silica Gel Absorb Moisture

Remove water from the iPhone speaker:

The method is slightly different for removing water from iPhones. You should use packets of silica gel and keep them in a Ziploc bag. After it, put that bag in the direct sunlight for some hours (minimum of 24 hours), doing this will help to dry water rapidly from the phone. The next step is to put your phone in a new Ziploc packet that is filled with uncooked rice, do it for some days, and when you notice that there is no more condensation in the packet, then you can turn on your phone.

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