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Can you shower with contacts? Guide 2022

by Eric

Many people wear lenses, but most people are unaware of the side effects of these lenses if they are not used with care. So, if you are a contact lens user then you must know which things are suitable and which are not. A lot of people ask whether they can shower with contact lenses or not. The answer to this question is simply not. Keep your lens away from water, as it is harmful to your eyes. Read the following tips carefully.

Can you shower with contacts?

It’s better to keep your contact lenses away from water. No, you can’t shower while wearing contact lenses because lenses absorb water and due to this, they attract more microorganisms that can affect your eye. Acanthamoeba is considered the most dangerous microorganism. This microorganism is very harmful to your cornea. It can cause inflammation or can also affect the vision of your eye. If you find symptoms of infection of this microorganism then go to the doctor and take proper treatment. Read more about How to stop bleeding from shaving?

What happens if you shower with contact lenses?

You should avoid taking shower with contact lenses because it can be harmful to your eyes or it can also increase the risk of different eye problems. If you shower with contacts, then you can face a lot of eye problems like eye infections, corneal ulcers, corneal scratches, eye conditions, dry eyes, etc.

What to do if you forget to remove your contact lens before taking shower?

Sometimes we are in a hurry or busy and we forget to remove our lenses and we start taking shower. What thing can be done in such a case? If something happens like this, then you can follow the following steps to keep your eyes safe.

  1. If you have not removed your lens then, first of all, dry your hands and remove your lens. This will protect you from harmful bacteria.
  2. If you notice redness or slight inflammation, then start using some drops and also give your eyes rest for a week (don’t use lenses for some days and use glasses).
  3. If you find that your lens is damaged then don’t use this damaged lens. You should throw them.

Symptoms of eye infection

Following are some symptoms of eye infection, if you notice any of the following symptoms, stop using lenses and have some eye drops for relaxing your eyes.

  • Eye discharge
  • Swelling
  • Teary eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurry vision

Tips for contact lens users

Here, we have discussed some tips that can help you to take care of your eyes. So, if you are a contact lens user, then must read this and keep all these tips in mind when you use your contact lens.

  1. Don’t wear them while taking bath.
  2. Don’t wear them while swimming. Use your glasses while swimming.
  3. Must replace your contact lens after 3 or 4 months. Don’t use so old lens, it can be harmful. For daily use, take a good-quality of lens.
  4. Remove the lenses in case of irritation and redness.
  5. Don’t sleep wearing these lenses.

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