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Amazon delivered to wrong address

by Eric

It’s possible to deliver at the wrong address, it might be due to some reasons like wrong address, spelling mistake, etc. In that case, you became worried that how to trace the location, where your parcel is delivered. Many people asked what should be done, what steps should be taken, or which method is used to find the parcel. Here, in this article, we have discussed some ways that can help you to find your parcel when amazon delivered to wrong address.

Why Was Your Amazon Package Sent to the Wrong Address?

There are some reasons that can be the cause of delivering your package to the wrong address. Some reasons that are found in most cases are:

  • Sometimes, you have shifted to a new place but do not change your address. In that case, amazon delivers your package to your previous address. This is your mistake, so if you change your residence then first of all change your address. This can be done by following the steps described below;

The first step is to go to the addresses. After it, click on add new address button. Then delete your previous address and enter your new address at that place. Read more about What time does amazon deliver?

  • Sometimes, you type the wrong spelling in a hurry and your parcel is delivered to some other address.
  • Sometimes, amazon has delivered your order, but you are unaware because of some reasons (like you are not at home at that time or due to some other reasons). So, before taking any action make sure that your parcel is delivered to the wrong address.

We have discussed why Amazon delivered to wrong address. But now, we are going to discuss how to find your package when it has been delivered to the wrong address.

What should be done when amazon delivered to the wrong address?

Here are some tips that you should adopt for finding your package. Before taking any action against Amazon, you should check the location where your parcel is delivered, in some situations, it is delivered to your nearby homes, so must check the location. If it is delivered to your neighbor then ask them and take it. For this, you have to track the location of your parcel. This can be found by following these steps:

  1. First of all contact Amazon and inform them about the missing of your parcel. Then, they will confirm whether the parcel is delivered to the wrong address or not. Amazon will help you to find your parcel and will solve your issue. So, it’s the best way for finding your parcel or for refunding in that case.
  2. It’s not so tricky to track your parcel, you can easily track it. For tracking it, you have to sign in to your Amazon account. For this, click on the option your orders, then select the parcel you want to track. And then click on Track.
  3. You can get your money back by using DoNotPay and getting a refund. This will help you to get your money back if your parcel is delivered to the wrong address.

Who is responsible if a package is delivered to the wrong address?

Many people ask who is responsible if the parcel is delivered to the wrong address. It will totally depend upon the situation, if it’s due to the negligence of Amazon then your payment is returned to you, but if it’s due to your mistake then you may have to compensate for the loss.

What to do if you receive someone else’s Amazon parcel.

If you received someone else’s parcel then you should contact Customer service. Or you can also report it by using the online report unwanted package form.

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