How to stop bleeding from shaving
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How to stop bleeding from shaving?

by Eric

No matter how careful you are, sometimes you get a cut. You can get a cut while shaving due to some reasons, it happens when you are shaving in the wrong direction or whenever you are in a hurry. The main problem is to stop bleeding from such cuts, there are different methods that will help you to know how to stop bleeding from shaving and we have discussed some of the methods here.

How long does it take a shaving cut to stop bleeding?

Normally, it takes five to ten minutes to stop bleeding from shaving If it is a minor cut then it will take almost 5-10 minutes if the cut is large and the bleeding is not stopping then you should go to the doctor.

How to stop bleeding from shaving cut?

If you have got a cut on your face while shaving but if it does not stop bleeding, then you can use the following methods.

Different methods are used but some methods are discussed here in detail:

  1. Apply lip balm to the cut
  2. Use a styptic pencil
  3. Use deodorant
  4. Apply aftershave lotion
  5. Use coffee or tea
  6. Use ice cubes
  7. Alum block
  8. Moisturizer
  9. Use cayenne pepper
  10. Witch hazel toner

1.    Coffee or tea

It is not some special type of coffee, you can use any coffee available at your home for stopping bleeding. You just have to take a small amount of ground coffee and put it on the cut with a little pressure, hope so this will stop bleeding faster.

2.    Using ice cubes

You can also use ice cubes for this purpose, this trick can be applied easily because ice cubes are available in the freezer, so you can stop bleeding rapidly by following some simple steps. Take an ice cube and put it on the surface of the cut with some pressure, this will stop the bleeding by constricting the blood vessels.

3.    Applying lip balm

If ice cubes are not available, then you can also apply lip balm to the cut, it will make a layer on the cut and will stop it from bleeding. This will keep germs away from the wound and make a protective layer on it. Don’t rub it, because the cut is not healed completely, it will take some time to heal completely. Read more about What to Look For When Buying a Cut Throat Razor.

4.    Use alum block

This has proved very effective and helpful for this purpose, it is simply a block of potassium alum, before using it you have to soak it in the water and then apply it to the cut and it will stop bleeding rapidly. You can buy it from Amazon.

5.    Use deodorants

You can also use deodorants for this purpose because some deodorants contain aluminum that constricts the blood vessels and stops the bleeding.

6.    Using a styptic pencil

A styptic pen or pencil is used for stopping blood flow from cutting of shave (aluminum sulfate is used in this pen or pencil). Blood clotting is the major function of this pen, it helps in clotting and stops the flow of blood rapidly. This is a very easy method for stopping bleeding from shaving. If this pen is not available then you can use some other method described above.

How long does it take to heal shave cut?

The time required for healing depends upon the severity of the cut, if it is a minor cut then it will heal after some time. But if the cut is large then it will heal in a few days or so on.

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