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The Men’s Tennis Bracelet Trend Of 2022

by Eric

Adding accessories to your standard outfits helps complete your look and make a bold fashion statement. You shouldn’t run out of options from rings, eyewear, scarves, ties, hats, necklaces, belts, and bags. Another must-have accessory is a bracelet. Notably, the men’s tennis bracelet is trending as of 2022, and you’d want to try it out. It stands out when you choose a suitable design and coordinate it with your attire and other accessories. This article dives deep into the tennis bracelet trend.

What Are Tennis Bracelets?

Tennis bracelets are typically studded with diamonds or other precious metals on the surface, connected underneath by a thin metal or gold strand for optimum strength. The aim is to showcase the gems instead of the underlying strap. Their versatility makes them wearable in most casual, official, or fancy events.

Reasons Why Men Wear The Bracelet

Some of the reasons why men like the tennis bracelet include:

  1. They’re A Popular Trend

Men’s tennis bracelets are among the most popular accessories after earrings. They’re common at popular events such as runways, courtrooms, business meetings, and weddings. The popularity of tennis bracelets has much to do with most celebrities rocking the piece. Additionally, tennis icons never miss one on their wrist. Thus, tennis fans have also embraced the trend and frequently wear bracelets. The trendy piece is here to stay as it’s already making headlines in the fashion industry.

  1. They’re Available In Different Shapes And Sizes

Tennis bracelets come in varying shapes and sizes, depending on how the diamond pieces are cut. Most men prefer it rugged with excellent detailing, which reflects light in numerous angles and achieves a sparkling effect. The diamonds are the focal point of your bracelet. Thus, you don’t want to dim their beauty.

Since men generally have bigger wrists than ladies, it’s best to go for a bigger bracelet. You don’t want people mistaking your bracelet for a female accessory. However, it shouldn’t be so big that it falls off your hand.

  1. You Have Gold Or Diamond Options

Tennis bracelets aren’t limited to one finish. You can have gold, diamond, other precious gem coverings, or even a combination of two or more stones. The prices vary, so you must choose according to your budget. Although diamond is mainly considered a feminine accessory, men can wear it too and look fashionable.

  1. Can Be Dressed Casually Or Formal

Tennis bracelets go well with both casual and formal wear. You can wear them with your tuxedo, bespoke suit, t-shirt, blazer, or tracksuit. White pearls are excellent for a business and formal style, while black diamonds and other colored gems suit casual wear.

  1. They’re Stylish

Classy tennis bracelets have all they take to make a fashion statement. The bracelet is crafted using a classic metal link connecting the clasps holding the diamonds. Moreover, precious stones are timeless fashion pieces suitable for men of every age. You can’t go wrong wearing such on your wrist.

How To Wear The Bracelet

Men's Tennis Bracelet

Although it’s versatile, you wouldn’t want to commit a fashion crime by not wearing your bracelet correctly. Consider these tips on how to wear your tennis bracelet:

  • Coordinate with Other Jewelry: In the likely event that you’ll be wearing other fashion accessories such as rings, watches, earrings, and necklaces, you’d want to have the colors blend. For instance, your black watch would go well with the black diamond bracelet.
  • Consider Colored Gems: The norm might sometimes be boring regarding accessories. Instead of white stones, you could go for colored gems to make a statement since they’re quickly noticeable.
  • Keep It Simple and Minimal: Although your bracelet should be sleek and classic, don’t overdo it. Simplicity ensures you maintain your masculine edge while looking at the part. You’d also want to have the bracelet as the focal point. So, you shouldn’t wear several other bracelets on your wrist. If you’re wearing your watch, you should also have it on the other wrist, not the same as your bracelet.
  • Stack with Another: It’s not written in stone that you should wear only a single tennis bracelet. You can still wear two simultaneously and look fantastic.


Men’s tennis bracelets are a staple in the fashion corridors, and you should have them in your wardrobe. It’s an advantage that you can wear your bracelets on most occasions and with several outfits. Pay attention to the size of the bracelet to set it apart from ordinary bracelets. Ideally, you should be able to comfortably slip a finger through your bracelet and wrist. Again, it’d help if you were picky with the styles and varieties to avoid clashing. Buying them from reliable suppliers guarantees quality and a classy look.

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