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How to Gain the Most of Your Group Tour to Italy?

by Eric

Italy can be your next perfect holiday destination. The country is filled with riches, and travelers get an opportunity to experience great beaches, beautiful museums, ancient ruins, spectacular cities, beautiful natural scenery, and soaring mountains all packed in one.

People like to travel independently or join small group tours Italy. A group tour offers several benefits like a smooth trip, an excellent guide, and a number of interesting destinations shortlisted for you. If you select a small group tour there is a rich chance that you will get to know more people from different backgrounds and nationalities who are on the same tour.

Have a Flexible Schedule:

One of the biggest benefits of small group tours to Italy is that you don’t have to worry about breaking up your group. If one of you wants to go to the Vatican museums in the morning, and another will go with you at night, or if there are three of you but you want to spend more time shopping than sightseeing – that is no problem! Read more about How to Travel Lightweight?

Get Local Guides:

Italy has several architectural marvels like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Florence Cathedral, San Petronio Basilica church, The Milan Cathedral, Colosseum, an oval amphitheater, and many more architectural wonders.

If you want to experience a more profound and memorable Italy trip, you need to hire a local guide in every Italian city you visit.

Go for Food and Wine Tours:

Italy is the world’s largest wine producer, with approximately 702,000 hectares of land used for vineyard cultivation. If you are visiting Italy, you need to go for a food and wine tour that has a duration of 10 days or more.

“Italy was found to be the second-best destination, closely after France, for wine lovers in a recent study completed by Compare the Market. The research also took into account the variety of the grapes, vineyard surface area (Ha), wine consumption, and the production of wine.”

The Food and Wine tour allows you to experience the best food and wine in every region. These tours give you the authentic taste of Italy apart from architecture and art.

Grab the Opportunity to Appreciate the Art of Italy:

Italy is the number one destination for art lovers. The country offers something for everyone. The Art tours allow you to see and experience the best of modern and contemporary design.

For example, Italy offers architecture, art, and design from the Neoclassical, Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic, and Romanesque periods.

The city of Venice has intricate waterways, canals, and narrow alleys that allow you to capture the best Italian architecture. The country is also famous for its literary genius. Italy has produced some of the world’s greatest musicians and composers like Vivaldi, Donizetti, Bellini, Rossini, Verdi, and Puccini.

Enjoy Skiing:

Europe has some of the highest mountain ranges like the Swiss, French, and Savoy Alps, which form Italy’s north and west border. Italy has several top-rated ski resorts located on snow-covered slopes of European mountain ranges.

Beginners and intermediate skiers have plenty of terrain in Italy to experience the joy of skiing. Some ski resorts have dedicated slopes for beginners as well as children. Even expert skiers won’t get bored on ski tours.

See the Fashion World up and Close:

Italy is a mecca for everyone who loves fashion. You can choose to visit the studios of famous designers and artisan workshops. You can ask the travel company to arrange guided tours of factories, museums, and boutiques of the world’s famous fashion brands.

Also, you can get an opportunity to watch live fashion shows held in Italy, the fashion capital of the world.

To sum up, these are some things you can do to make the most out of your small group tours to Italy.

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