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How Can Commercial Laundry Services Help Your Hotel Business?

by Eric

The services and amenities determine the quality of your hotel that it offers its guests and the cleanliness of its sheets, towels, and clothes. The better your clients feel staying in your hotel, the more they will enjoy their stay and recommend you to other people.

If you’re looking for ways to improve the level of cleanliness in your hotel, consider commercial laundry pick up and delivery services.

What are Commercial Laundry Services?

Commercial laundry services are not the same as the ones you find in residential buildings or houses which only have to wash personal clothes. Rather, these laundries service businesses – hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and the like- have large volumes of laundry that need to be washed.

The main difference between commercial laundries and residential ones is their size. Many commercial laundromats are located in the basement of office buildings, where there is enough room to accommodate large machines that can handle bigger loads. Read more about 4 Efficient Magnet Tricks to Organise Your Laundry Area.

Offer Convenience:

You will no longer have to worry about giving your daily laundry orders to housekeeping or sending them to a nearby laundromat. Commercial laundries take care of the entire process for you to get back to other important things, such as running your hotel and making money.

Boost Staff Morale:

Housekeeping staff may feel overwhelmed with the volume of laundry that needs to be washed every day. Commercial laundry pickup and delivery can relieve them from this tedious task, which means focusing on other important things like providing quality customer service. At the same time, you benefit from clean sheets and towels.

Ensure Sheets and Towels are Clean:

You can be sure that your sheets and towels are not harboring bacteria or germs because commercial laundry services use high-temperature washes to make them spotless. You don’t have to worry about the health of your guests when you provide clean sheets and towels every day!

Commercial Laundry Services is Not Expensive:

While some companies out there would charge you an arm and a leg just to wash your sheets and towels, you can find services that offer affordable rates. However, note that too cheap rates may mean they use non-organic chemicals, which can harm your staff and guests. Make sure to find out if the commercial laundry providers use organic products during their washes.

The quality of sheets and towels is important for keeping your hotel’s standards high. Whether you choose to do the laundry yourself or hire commercial laundry services, you will be able to improve the sanitation of your hotel with clean sheets and towels.

Help You Save Time:

Delegating all of your laundries to a commercial laundry service will free up time for you to focus on other things like running the day-to-day operations of your hotel, marketing it, or even improving its facilities. You can also use this time for rest, so you know that your hotel is in good hands even when you’re away from it!

Ensure All Types of Clothes are Cleaner:

Whether you run a restaurant or a hotel, commercial services can cater to all types of clothes within that establishment. You can have restaurant staff uniforms washed in one place and hotel sheets and towels in another. This cuts down labor costs for you because your staff no longer has to worry about sending their clothes to different places so that they can be clean again.

Environmentally Friendly:

You can rest easy knowing that commercial laundry services use organic green products that are eco-friendly. You don’t have to be concerned about the health of your staff or the environment when using these services because they’re completely safe for humans, animals, and our planet!

Commercial laundry services are the perfect solution for your business because they provide multiple benefits that can help you improve. So, when choosing them, be sure to ask them about their organic green products and computerized systems so that you can get maximum value from your investment.

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