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How to Become A Tour Guide

by Eric

When graduating high school, no one ever thinks of going out there and becoming a tour guide. It isn’t as fancy as most careers that are well documented but can be fun. For a person who loves interacting with the outside world, this can be the ideal job.

Several people will depend on you and your knowledge to get around. You also get to pick their brains from the different cultures they come from. But how exactly can you become a tour guide and light up the experiences of various tourists?


If you want this job, you need to realize it’s one you hustle. You may have seen people doing it and thought you could swing it, but it isn’t a walk in the park. Some of the skills you need to possess include:

  • Be An Entertainer

You need to be a person like randy dee hafen that can help tourists feel the emotion of the place they visit. As an entertainer, you’ll be able to pick the interest of the tourists and engage them.

  • Love Knowledge and Learning

There’s a lot of learning to be done since you’ll be teaching visitors.

  • Be Organized

A crucial skill for any guide is organization and punctuality. You can never show up late for a tour, no matter the reason.

  • Ability to Handle Customers

Your customer care skills need to be top-notch to make this work.

Figure Out Which Guiding Suits You

There are different types of tour guides out there, and you need to figure out which one you’d want to be. Here are some of the few careers you can choose from and the tasks they’re expected to do.

  • MotorCoach City Guide

Here, you’ll be in a coach with a microphone and narrating as the coach drives through the city.

  • Walking Tour Guide

You need to know a bit of history for you to perform well here. You’ll be walking around the city with a group making stops and offering info on each visit.

  • Museum Guide

When you’re a museum guide, what you do is walk with a group while discussing art. You need vast knowledge of natural history and various artifacts.

  • Chartered Boat Guide

A chartered boat guide doesn’t necessarily need to be the captain, most boat guides ride along and educate passengers on their surroundings. A boat guide could be something as simple as a riverside tugboat, or something more extravagant like Quasar Expeditions Galapagos cruises. Whatever your choice, getting out on the water and exploring makes being a boat guide worth every minute of the experience.

Get Training/Licenses

You can opt to get licensed as a professional tour guide by attending a training program. You may also want to inquire about what license you may need for where you’ll be guiding. Some towns may need years of coursework completed for you to qualify as a tour guide. Most cities don’t require any licensing to start your journey as a guide.

Start A Business or Seek Employment

Several tour companies may offer you a job if you reach out. You need to have the proper license where required and be passionate about it.


You can also opt to start on your own too. When you start on your own, you need to seek people who have been there before and look for guidance.

Tour Time

When you think of being a tour guide, you may not have thought of what it entails. Here are just a few things that you need to know before you can get on with your journey of being a tour guide. So, get ready for a fantastic career full of travel and entertainment because it’s tour time!

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