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Get An Overview on SAFe® Agilist Certification

by Eric

Agile project management emphasizes self-organization, responsibility, and collaboration. This methodology promotes a mild process of project management by reducing the time taken for performing analysis and adjustments. SAFe® blends the creation of lean products & systems to that of the power of Agile to integrate collaboration, delivery, and alignment of multiple Agile teams for improvements in business agility.

The new version of SAFe was released in 2019 and was known as SAFe® 5.0. This new version is built on seven core competencies of lean enterprise. These seven competencies are lean-agile leadership, team and technical agility, agile product delivery, enterprise solution delivery, lean portfolio management, organizational agility, and continuous learning culture. With SAFe Agilist certification, one can build a strong foundation on the standards, practices, and applications of Agile to enhance the probability of a project’s success. So, before you get registered with this course, have a look at what the course offers to you.

About the Course

Scaled Agile Framework SAFe Agilist Training is a two-day course. On the first day of the course, a clear understanding of the importance of mastering business agility in this digital age is given. Not only that but a better understanding is also given on developing team and technical agility with dive deep knowledge into Program Increment (PI) Planning.

The second day provides insights on how a continuous delivery pipeline can be built along with instilling a DevOps culture in the organization. A proper understanding of Lean Portfolio Management and its steps required to function in the firm is also explained.

What makes this Certification training popular?

Though Agile approaches have proven to be adaptable to small teams, most organizations currently operate through distributed teams, dynamic structures, and geographic boundaries. This necessitates Agile collaboration around the organization to reap the rewards of quicker execution, higher-quality goods, and quick response to consumer inquiries.

Leading SAFe® certification has become the global standard for Lean-Agile businesses. It broadens the market’s reach across terms both of quality and job prospects. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) is the most commonly used enterprise Agile methodology today. Demand in big companies has shown much rise in utilizing SAFe®. This is why earning the Leading SAFe® Certification from a globally renowned accreditation body can give a major lead to the practitioners at organizations that are going through Agile transformation.

Who will be benefitted from leading the SAFe® 5.0 course?

The following practitioners will have the most of the benefit from this course:

Executives and Leaders

Managers, Directors, CIOs, & VPs

Development, and QA

Infrastructure Management personnel

Program & Project Managers

Product & Product Line Managers

Portfolio Managers, PMO, and Process Leads

Enterprise, System, & Solution Architects


This course is open to anybody who wants to get involved, regardless of their prior knowledge. However, anyone who is planning to take the SAFe® Agilist Certification exam must have the following:

At least five years of experience in software developing, testing, product or project management, and business analysis.

Working experience in Scrum.

So, now that you have known about the Leading SAFe® Agilist Training, then don’t wait much. Just grab the opportunity and get a certification from an accredited body and bring more new opportunities to your career growth.




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