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Calamari near me: Best Calamari restaurants in London

by Eric

Calamari is an Italian word that is borrowed for Squid. Calamari is a name for Squid dishes. Squid is a sea creature, many people tangle that octopus, and Squid is the same. But these two aquatic animals are totally different from each other. Calamari is a customary title for Squid. The backbone and the circular system doesn’t present in a squid. Now it’s become worldwide famous seafood.  Many dishes are made of squid for instance Fried Calamari, salt and pepper squid, calamari, rings calamari, etc. Calamari prepares with fresh squid. For rings calamari dish the meat is directly cut in from the squid body in a round shape. The squid is full of proteins and less in fats. If you live in London so stay with us we will suggest you the calamari near me restaurants. You can get easily calamari whenever you crave them.

Calamari restaurants in London:

We will tell you about the best places in London where different calamari restaurants are situated; so let’s begin!

The first best place for the best calamari restaurants in London is Busaba Ethai, Wardour Street of Saho Street in London. Four restaurants are present in that street where you can get seafood and calamari. The restaurant’s names are as follow;

  • Mary Gotauco
  • Gela Kappa
  • Dilay Kibar

The next one is also present in Busaba Eathai, Bird Street of Marylebone Street in London. You will find three Thai restaurants there. And get your yummy calamari from;

  • Ravi Patel
  • S Marks the Spots
  • Elisa

Our next street is Upper Street of Martin’s Ln, present in Dishoom London. On this street, you will get 3 Indian calamari Restaurants their names are as follow. Read more about  Recipe for Crown fried Chicken with Tarragon Butter.

  • New York Habitat
  • Rusty D
  • Neha Narula

Now I will enlighten you about the Brook’s Mews road Le Petite Maison London Calamari restaurants Mayfair. These are French restaurants the names of the restaurants are as follow;

  • Nora K
  • S
  • MeeMoo A

These all places are famous for their calamari dishes and for other seafood just stay with us and read and find your location and go for a fabulous evening in any Calamari near me. So the next place for calamari is Sale e Pepe London present on Pavilion Road you will find Italian restaurants Kensington & Chelsea, in this area the names of Italian calamari restaurants are;

  • AlMaha R
  • Lisa Hayward
  • Meshael

The 6th best place for Calamari is Aubaine London Oxford Street 2nd floor French calamari restaurants Marylebone are situated there. The names of the restaurants are;

  • ReRe Alnamrooti
  • Noha AlRajhi

The 7th best place for calamari is COYA London the restaurants are situated on Piccadilly “Old Park Lane”. These are Latin American Restaurants, Mayfair their names are;

  • Andrew Sheppard
  • Nabil Bazzari
  • Irmak Yucel

Novikov is on number 8th, it is situated on Berkeley Street of London; here Asian calamari restaurants Mayfair are present. The names of restaurants are as follow;

  • Mona AlTurief
  • Hamoud AlDabbous

Now its Veit Food turns, it is situated in Wardour Street in London. These are Vietnamese Restaurant Chinatown their names are;

  • V Moschetta
  • Tim Bush
  • Eilliott Poppel

I suggested very famous calamari restaurants which are situated in London and they are the best Calamari Restaurants in London. If you live in these areas or you are visiting the streets of London then don’t miss the chance to eat the world’s best calamari dishes from these restaurants. Every restaurant is famous for its dishes and tastes so if you are looking for calamari near me restaurants then visit these and enjoy your meal.

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