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How to make a blue neon sign?

by Eric

Blue Neon signs are manufactured from Blue Neon Lights; it is a hue that is really attractive. It was discovered in 1920. When Neon and Metallic Mercury gas mixes it produce a Blue Neon hue. Blue Neon hue was touching the heights in America and Europe but after the Second World War Neon light loosed its popularity in these two countries. Because it was connected with vice, after the war it was restricted by local regulations. Then Neon started shining in Japan, Korea & Iran till 1980. In this article, we will introduce you to the last page of the Neon light, and Blue Neon signs preparing method.

Past page of Neon light:

Neon was first discovered in 1910 at Paris Motor Show by Georges Claude, who was a French engineer. Neon signs are bright signs which produced light through a mixture of different gases with neon in Special discharge tubes. There were almost more than 2000 shops in the United States in the 1940s that manufactured Neon signs. Signage industries use Neon signs as well as artists and architects also use Neon Signs very commonly. Neon lighting was most famous at the end of the 19th century. The pressure of this gas in tubes is less than our atmospheric pressure. The color which discharges from the tubes is attributed to gases.

The Neon Lighting is hazy light as compared to general lighting. In the starting years of the 1900s, the Moore tubes Neon Lightings were sold for advertising lightning. In 1898 the British scientists William Ramsay & Morris W. Travers discovered the Neon and they add the inspection of fabulous red color in neon. Read more about Santa Muerte Tattoo past page and design suggestions.

Travers said;” the blaze of crimson light from the tube told its own story and was a sight to dwell upon and never forget.” George Claude and his French company Claude Neon sales his two signs to Packard car in Los Angeles, and then they launched their gases neon signs in the United States. The signs are called “liquid signs” that emit light in the daytime. Soon Neon lighting populated for marketing purposes. There were only 2 dozen colors were available for neon lightings in the 1960s but today more than 100 colors are available for neon lighting signs.

How to make a blue neon sign?

Actually, the neon color is red but when neon gas mixes with Metallic Mercury it produces blue color and from that mixture, you can make any blue neon sign. You see that neon signs are produced by giving different shapes to the tube. Which sign you want, give that shape to the tube. A neon tube is fabricated by 4 to 5 foot straight sticks of hollow glass and the workers who bend the tube are called glass benders or tube benders.

Now colored glass tubes are available. The inner side of the tube might be painted with a thin layer of phosphorescent powder, it can paste in the inner part of the tube with bending material. The tube that we are using has to brim with neon and desired colored gas. And when you provide the current end of the sealed part of the tube through cold cathodes welded, then your tube light up. The color that you see is attributes of gas present in the tube, and the light is produced because of that phosphor paint in the tube.

For instance, you can make any sign from neon gas by mixing different gases in it. You can manufacture your own name. Many people decorate their studios, offices and even their living and dinner rooms with neon signs. Many people are using it for photography and trust me that picture stoles hearts because the impact of light is very attractive. Everyone has their own choice for color selection but most used Neon signs colors are red, green, yellow, and blue neon signs.

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