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Can you freeze yogurt? Aabsolutely Yes!

by Eric

Can you freeze yogurt sounds like something new and exciting, and you’ll definitely want to learn about it. Before doing any new work, you should know all its important points like how to make it, how to use it, how to save it, and many other things. 

What happens to yogurt after refrigeration?

When you refrigerate yogurt, the solids in it start to settle at the bottom. Therefore, you should shake it well before using it. You should stir for 30 to 40 seconds to get a thick and delicious yogurt. It also helps in dissolving sugar in the yogurt, as stirring rises its temperature, which increases the rate of solubility of the solute. But if you want to use the yogurt for other purposes like for making smoothies or something else like this, then you should use the fresh yogurt as the bonds of different protein present in yogurt collapse at low temperature and makes it unfit for making smoothies as it leaves water and cause the solid particles to settle down. 

Can you eat frozen yogurt like ice cream?

It is somehow safe to eat frozen yogurt for up to one to two months, but as time passes, its taste and texture may change. You can add different flavors to it to eat it like ice cream and can enjoy it according to your mood. It is totally up to you, that how you want to have this yogurt, but try to avoid it taking at night. Nowadays, majority of the people are using frozen yogurt as an alternative to ice cream. 

How long can you freeze yogurt?

After freezing fresh yogurt, you can use it within two months. During this period the texture of yogurt becomes more and more thick and grainy compared to its previous state and its taste also changes to some extent but this change is positive. Some people even prefer to eat refrigerated yogurt instead of eating it fresh. 

Is frozen yogurt safe for babies?

Yogurt for babies is usually frozen by following different methods, which are mentioned below: 

  • It may be frozen in a zip lock bag to avoid the entry of air into the yogurt, to reduce the collapsing of protein present in it, and to make it beneficial and safe for babies.
  • You can also freeze it by placing it in any container. You can choose a specific container if you want to give your yogurt a specific shape. 
  • If you present it to your babies as an amazing dish, then you can freeze it in the ice cube tray to give it a unique and interesting shape.
  •  Different cookies or ice cream scoops are also used for this purpose to enhance its taste and texture. 

Does freezing yogurt kill the probiotics?

Probiotics are usually killed at high temperatures immediately but remain alive in the refrigerator at low temperatures for a few weeks. As the probiotics can tolerate a reasonable range of temperatures like higher the normal body temperature and lower than 57 degrees.

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