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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Brachydios guide

by Eric

Brachydios is a monster from earlier games that has returned. It has an explosive horn and slime that it secretes from its mouth. When it licks the pounders on its forearms, pools of sticky slime are left behind, and they will soon erupt. It also has a big tail that resembles a mace, which it employs to try to beat enemies into the ground. Look, there are a lot of silly designs in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, but I still think this rockabilly Mohawk henchman takes the cookie. Brachydios doesn’t just wear this protruding thing on his crutch for display, as there is an explosive goo lurking inside, which he uses to cover his fists before hitting the ground like a toddler in a violent tantrum. This monster can cause trouble for unknown hunters.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Brachydios guide:

Our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Brachydios guide determination clarify strategies for defeat Brachydios, feature all of its weaknesses and resistances, and show you a loot table for all the items you can get by defeating this beast.

Weaknesses and resistances of Brachydios:

Brachydios has an amazing amount of resistance, making it a formidable challenge for anyone using any of the common elements. He has a big soft spot for ice, so considering how many ice monsters you are facing right now means you must have a master-grade ice weapon to use. Water and any ailments other than explosion are good alternatives,

But don’t worry about using fire, explosion, thunder, or dragon weapons.  Do not take blunt weapons in this fight. Both melee and ranged weapons have the same effectiveness against the tail and head, which will be the two main pieces you will target, while blunt weapons do less tail damage. His head, tail, and fists break. Read more about Polnareff.

How to hunt Brachydios:

When dealing with brachydios, the main thing you should always look out for is mucus deposits, which it can leave all over the place. Not only are they very sticky, making it difficult for you to move and set you up for the potential punching of this whimsical monster, they also explode after a short time and cause “explosive filth.” Basically, this is a more destructive version of blastblight that is harder to get rid of. To cure explosive filth, roll four times in a row or eat Nulberry. If you get hit again while under the effect of an explosive barrage, you will be instantly knocked out for how much damage it deals.

The slime on his fists decomposes with each fist attack, eventually drying out. From time to time, he will stand still to redistribute mucus to his fists from his forehead. As for how Brachydios uses this slime, he can perform a large number of physical attacks, so we will list them below and show you how to avoid them.

  • If you are a little far away and brachydios starts to shake, he is about to jump and hit the ground next to you. sprint to the surface and jump to avoid this attack. This is the easiest way to avoid and creates opportunities for a counterattack.
  • The most dangerous attack is probably a second hit to the ground. He will hit the ground several times while walking in the current direction. Step back when the first hit hits the ground and run to the side to make him turn.
  • If he gets up on his hind legs, he is about to hit his head on the ground in front of him. It won’t turn on impact, so just dodge to the side to avoid it. From here you can counterattack.
  • Brachydios has a tail that does not rotate, but he attacks hunters twice. Only after the second hit do a few hits.
  • He can also just hit with a normal punch, which is a little harder to avoid. It does not leave a pool of mucus, but it can cause an explosive flash.

What happens when Brachydios gets furious?

Brachydios will signal that he has gone into a rage with a loud roar, but the main difference here is the color of the mucus on his limbs. The mucus changes from green to dark yellow. Since the slime it leaves behind changes color from green to yellow and then turns red and explodes, this shortens a significant amount of time from the set trap to the point where it explodes. Some attacks also explode automatically, such as when he hits the ground multiple times, or leaps forward and hits the ground with his fists and head.

He also gets a completely new attack when he gets up on his hind legs before hurling them to the ground. This causes the surrounding area to be flooded with explosive traps that explode shortly after they appear. You want to be as far away from this nonsense as possible, so just run in one direction and don’t stop. Fortunately, you will find that Brachydios calms down shortly after this attack.

Brachydios materials:

When you defeat Brachydios, you will be able to get a ton of different Brachydios materials. These are all brand new Master Rank items that are used to craft a ton of Master Rank gear. Below are all the items that you can get for destroying certain parts / defeating Brachydios.

Raging brachydios:

Raging Brachydios turns green with a yellow-orange clay mold on its front limbs, head, back, and tail that turns red when angry. It is noticeably larger than the regular Brachydios and moves slower as a result.

Weaknesses of ranging brachydios:

Raging Brachydios’ best weakness is key to eliminating this new beast in MHW. While Standard Brachy is a mid-level monster, fought early in the Iceborne story and often forgotten, the raging “swing” is a tougher agent. Slime breaks up faster, on a much larger scale, and comes out more frequently. Before you worry about Brachydius’ boiling points, you may need to worry about yourself! I hope this information will be interested and beneficial for you, we’ll come back with more interesting content soon. Stay safe stay healthy! The struggle with Brachydios is just as exciting as it has been in the preceding games. One of the game’s most intriguing elements is a glowing slime it can ignite with its saliva. When turned on, this slime transforms from green to yellow to ready-to-blow red, acting like a ticking bomb wherever it is placed on the ground.


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