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Polnareff’s 5 Greatest Strengths and 5 Weaknesses

by Eric

A ranged attack, Star Platinum, the punching power of Jotaro’s stand, or physical force are all appropriate responses in some circumstances. Other wartime circumstances necessitate the use of a sword, and Silver Chariot may be among the best swordsmen in all of anime.

With that rapier, Silver Chariot (and Polnareff) could slash through stone or fire at will, as well as anything else, including tentacles, wood, and even human flesh. Slashing is preferable to punching when dealing with resilient and adaptable enemies.

Jean-Pierre Polnareff is one of those using the stance for this arc, wielding a rapier stance known as the Silver Chariot. He is a good friend of Jotaro Kujo, Joseph Joestar, and Mohammad Avdol, among others, and he is a wonderful companion. But otherwise, Polnareff may lose. What are Polareff’s greatest strengths and 5 weaknesses?

Slashing things apart:

In some situations, brute force is required, such as the punching power of the Jotaro Stance, Star Platinum, or a ranged attack. Other conditions on the battlefield call for a sword, and the Silver Chariot may prove to be one of the best swordsmen in the entire anime. With this rapier, the Silver Chariot (and therefore Polnareff) can cut stone or fire on command, while the Silver Chariot can cut through anything else, such as tentacles, wood, or even human flesh. Against rigid and flexible targets, chopping is better than hitting.

No ranged attacks:

On the other hand, relying on the sword means having few ranged attacks, just like with Polnareff’s stance. His silvery stance is effective at close range, but if the opponent keeps his distance, Silver Chariot is unlikely to be able to do anything. Ideally, Polnareff will fight his enemies indoors or in other confined spaces so they can’t get away. But in the open air, the enemy can use flight or fast speed to stay away from the Silver Chariot and dodge its rapier. This is Polnareff’s problem. Read more about swirlix evolution.


This is Polnareff’s personal strength, and he has proven this virtue on numerous occasions. Some of JoJo’s characters are liars or schemers, such as Yoshikage Kira from the Diamond is Unbreakable story arc or Dio himself. Not Polnareff. Polnareff is an honest and straightforward guy who says things the way they are, and he has a noble spirit that does not tolerate deception. Anyone who meets him can relax and trust him, and this allows Polnareff to easily find allies.

Shenanigans for the bathroom:

It felt more like a joke than anything else, but it still matters. Polnareff had quite a few jokes during the Stardust Crusaders story, and one of them was his remarkable toilet failure as he traveled through Asia and the Middle East. Polnareff freaked out when the pig’s head popped out of the toilet he was about to use, and he nearly died in the bathroom when Enya cornered him. Poor Polnareff can’t go to the toilet without a disaster.


Polnareff’s Stand is fairly easy to use, lacking the cunning abilities of Josuke Higashikagi’s Crazy Diamond or Giorno Giovanna’s Golden Experience. So, he must use the materials around him to somehow strengthen the Silver Chariot. It was Polnareff who threw a handful of sand to track where Vanilla Ice was going with her Stand Crim, and Polnareff also used his own dripping blood to mark when Diavolo used King Crimson’s time-shifting power.

Limited tactical ability:

It is true that Polnareff can get creative on the battlefield, but otherwise he is quite easy to outwit if not defeated. The functions of his stand do not allow many tricks to be performed, and unlike Jotaro, Polnareff does not see strange details on the battlefield. He also lacks Josp Joestar’s divination abilities, such as “Your next line …” predictions. If Polnareff had been in Joseph’s place during the battle with the Pillar Men, he would surely have been overwhelmed. He’s not that cunning.

Silver Chariot Speed:

Even though Silver Chariot has a few tricks up its sleeve, it has the power of speed. This is not the fastest achievement, but it is fast, and it can give Polnareff an advantage both offensively and defensively. For example, Silver Chariot carved a statue out of stone in just a few seconds. If that wasn’t enough, Polnareff can remove the Silver Chariot’s armor to make it lighter, and this allows the Silver Chariot to use its incredible full speed. At this point, he is able to create afterimages to confuse his enemies as he is so fast.

Reduced protection:

On the other hand, removing the armor of the Silver Chariot comes at a cost. This armor is not in vain: it protects Silver Chariot from enemy positions, and even with this armor Silver Chariot can be destroyed without too much trouble, for example, using Star Platinum. Removing this armor to increase the speed of the Silver Chariot will further reduce its defense, which means that almost any strike from an enemy stance can destroy it and force it back into Polnareff’s body.

Knowledge of stand arrows:

The Stand Arrow was an important artifact that appeared in the Diamond is Unbreakable story arc, and then several more appeared in the Golden Wind story arc. These arrows can create a stance when they pierce a person, and few people in the world know about them. But Polnareff knows, which means he can keep up with any opponent who tries to use arrows for his own benefit. If the standing arrow is counted in a battle or mission, the enemy will not be able to catch Polnareff off guard so easily.

Panics easily:

Like Joseph Joestar, Polnareff is easily agitated or frightened, and it doesn’t take long for an enemy to scare or distract him with a show of strength or unexpected turns. Bathroom failures are just the beginning. If something is wrong, Polnareff will consider it, but he is easily distracted and alarmed, and a cunning opponent can quite easily lead him away from the target or gain a psychological advantage. This is what separates Polnareff from Jotaro Kujo and Kakyoin.

On the other hand, Polnareff’s stand illustrates how relying on a sword implies having limited ranged assaults. When the enemy keeps their distance, Silver Chariot can barely do anything, despite his silvery stand’s effectiveness up close.

In order to prevent their escape, Polnareff prefers to combat his adversaries indoors or in other constrained areas. On contrast, an adversary can use flight or quick movement in open terrain to dodge Silver Chariot and its rapier. Polnareff has an issue with that.


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