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HuniePop 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

by Eric

First of all, pursue the female you desire only when a good match exists. You should wait till there is a pair of girls who don’t like the same kind of affection because this makes it more difficult to acquire bonuses for both as girls have likes and dislikes. The ideal pairing is one in which at least one of the girls enjoys the other’s hatred.

Additionally, keep in mind that you are not required to go on a date just because you saw a girl. You won’t anger the girl in question by leaving the vicinity. Try conversing with a female in a different way if she has a poor matchup, then return to your room and sleep until the next day.

So you took the plunge and bought HuniePop 2, huh? Well, if you are new to this series or it has been a long time ago, you are likely to have a few questions. Maybe you are still struggling to break through to those big numbers that the girls require in the later levels of the game, or maybe you just want to get a better understanding of the game before you really get stuck, we can help you anyway. Below are the best HuniePop 2 tips and tricks for beginners to help you master this mature masterpiece.

HuniePop 2 Tips for Beginners – Basic

The initial item you should do is developing into known with the unusual types of affection, as well as the girl’s likes and dislikes. You need to familiarize yourself with how HuniePop 2 actually works. You match these different characters to try and please girls because that’s basically how adult games work. All signs replicate a dissimilar category of warmth or additional effects. When you solve puzzles, you are dating two girls and must focus on each of them so that they don’t get tired while you gain a love for them.

Every girl has a favorite type of attachment, and the more you match her preferred type, the faster the attachment meter will grow. The above table should help you get used to what the different symbols do. You should focus on the types of attachment that every girl likes, but if you can’t, at least try to avoid the type of attachment that she doesn’t like.

HuniePop 2 Tips for Beginners – Strategy

Another important HuniePop 2 tip for beginners is what symbols to match early on. It is best to aim for Passion matches as early as possible, as this will maximize the affection you will receive from subsequent matches. You should also try to get as many matches as possible along the way to maximize the time you have, but avoid matching stamina if you don’t need it to prevent the game from ending. Stamina does not increase affection at all or affect the condition of the board, but it takes one turn to get it.

Remember not to rush. There is no time limit while you are on a date, so take your time and make sure you are the best fit. If you spot a major match that really suits one of your dates, don’t be afraid to run out of it if your second date is tough enough. If you find a big match that neither girl likes nor dislikes, you should definitely use it on the girl with the highest passion score to maximize your affection scale.

HuniePop 2 Tips for Beginners – Getting a Girl

If you’re looking for a specific girl you like, there are a few things you can do to make things easier for yourself. First, chase the girl you want only when there is a good couple. As girls have likes and dislikes, you should remain to await there is a pair who don’t like the same category of affection, as this makes it difficult for both to get bonuses. Instead, the best option is when at least one of the girls likes the other girl’s dislike. for more Huniepop 2 tips and tricks please visit.

You should also remember that just because you saw a girl doesn’t mean you have to go out on a date. If you leave this place, the girl will not be upset about you. If you meet a girl and she doesn’t succeed, try communicating with her in a different way, and then go back to your room and sleep until the next day. This will refresh the store and increase the girl’s stamina if you’ve talked to her a lot. Avoid successful dates with other girls, as this increases the need for affection for your next date.

You have to look for things that your best girlfriend will like. Unique items should be obvious but also look for a smoothie that matches her favorite type of affection. These smoothies can boost your stats, which means there will be more attention during the puzzle pieces. If you need to earn seeds in order to buy things, but you don’t want to make you affectionate, you can date other girls and then purposely fail growing seeds.

If you’ve been conversing with the girl a lot, this will revive the shop and her energy levels. Avoid making other girls happy on dates because this increases the need for affection on the following outing.

Watch out for things that benefit your best friend. The obvious unique products should be considered, but keep an eye out for the smoothie that embodies her preferred kind of devotion. Your stats may increase thanks to these smoothies, increasing your level of affection throughout puzzle sections.


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