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Why is the future of the education industry in the safe hands of mobile applications?

by Eric

If a student is presented with a choice between a smartphone or book, what will he choose? The answer is pretty obvious, right? Applying this notion, the education methodology has gradually transformed and built on the base of mobile applications. Digitized education confers major pre-eminences over the traditional method and so it has won the hearts of the students and teachers in no time. Some of you may be stats enthusiasts, so here are some numbers. According to a survey, it has been speculated that the e-learning market will grow to a worth of 398 billion dollars by 2026 experiencing a 300% boost from 2015. If we look through the lens of business owners, then these e-learning apps seem to provide an exorbitant retention rate of users. Due to this, the top mobile app development firms have encountered an amplified demand for these apps. 

Now, let’s shift our focus to some key factors that are driving this exhaustive change in the domain of the education industry.

(i)Scope of Learning anywhere anytime

By now, we all are pretty aware of the biggest edge a smartphone service can offer. Yes, its accessibility, the e-learning apps give the scope for learning on the go and as a result, it has crept into the daily lifestyle and emanated as an inherent part of student’s lives. If you think that it only targets students as an audience, you are certainly missing something. These apps also have a monumental impact on the section of the teaching community. Now, if we put on the glasses of entrepreneurs and visualize that, all we notice is a skyrocketed exposure. Read more about Article minds for good quality articles.

(ii)Unparalleled Experience

A monotonous classroom with a teacher yelling at 100 students or sitting back on the couch and studying anything of your choice, How will the students react if this question is put forward? There isn’t even any doubt about the answer and it has been vividly evident in the last few years. Teachers, as well as students, have embraced the strategy of online education given that it provides a seamless experience at a much lower outlay. 

Still a bit confused? Let me put up a stat then. Currently, there are more than 500,000 e-learning apps in the market and it is increasing exponentially with each day.

(iii)Methodical education

 Every student comes with their own set of intelligence and so, everyone should be taken care of in a distinctive manner. This is one of the major trade-offs when it comes to the conventional teaching method, but app-based learning has unquestionably filled this void by allowing the users the scope for personalized studying. This has turned out to be one of the pivotal factors that led to the boom of the digital learning industry. These apps provide a broad spectrum of choices when it comes to learning resources and as a result, students explore these concepts and grasp them at their own pace.

TechAhead’s role in app development

Now some of you might be wondering, what is TechAhead, right? Well, let us clarify it then. If you are here reading this article, there may be a high chance that you have an idea striking in your mind and you are looking for a medium to channelize your imagination to ground reality. If that’s the case then you might want to know about TechAhead, one of the top education app development company that has been ruling the field of app development for over a decade. App development? How will that help my business grow? If that’s what you are thinking then we guess you have to read the article again. Circling back to what I was saying, TechAhead has served over 600 startups and featured clients like Disney, Audi, ESPN while bagging over 35 plus esteemed awards. Now if that doesn’t excite you, I doubt anything will.

So, do you have an idea that has remained suppressed due to a lack of an ideal platform, well then we believe you might want to check them out. Nonetheless, if you are someone who is in search of other traits then you can go ahead and consider other choices.

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