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What exactly is Gregorys Coffee?

by Eric

Gregorys Coffee was established in Manhattan, New York in 2006, with a strong emphasis on quality, creative goods, and world-class service. Though we’re a specialty coffee company first, we’re far more than coffee, combining lifestyle and health into our holistic approach to food and experience. Continually evolving and lifting the standard, our family firm knows boundless ambition first-hand. This is why we’re devoted to fuelling your hustle in any method that best drives you ahead.

Gregorys Coffee has a mission:

We see things differently at Gregorys coffee because we see each of you individually. We see the consciousness, the parental involvement, the new recruits, and the night owls—each with diverse goals, rushing towards individual interests. Read more about  5 year anniversary gift ideas for your loved ones.

It’s apparent you’re everything but regular.

  • You’re one of us.
  • Regulars, that’s you.
  • And it makes you family.

Our kinship firm was started with an unyielding ethos of striving high and never settling. We innovate continuously to embody excellence on all fronts and offer it to each of you—our Gregulars—in precisely the way you require. We take care of our own because we believe you shouldn’t have to pick among your time & your expectations.

The only decision you’ll have to make at Gregorys is what you want to eat.


Gregory Zamfotis, our CEO and Founder, was raised in the food and beverage sector and was involved in his father’s companies from an early age. He had the unusual chance to be engaged in every part of the operations of his father’s business, sowing the seeds for what would later become his enthusiasm: working in restaurant work.

Greg’s goal eventually became to build something of his own, thanks to the amazing experiences he had when working with his father. He chose to combine his passion for coffee with his life’s expertise and established the Gregorys Brand name. The essential skills Greg acquired while watching his father operate his companies were the pillars around which Gregorys Coffee was founded, and this family history of hard-working innovators continues to power the company today.

Manhattan Debut of Gregorys Coffee:

After originally debuting in the heart of Manhattan in 2006, it didn’t take long for the father and son duo to build other sites. As the firm has continued to develop, and more and more outstanding people join the team, we continuously resist the tendency of compromising quality for convenience. Rather, we are intent on enhancing in all areas: from making sure higher quality by roasting our own coffee and baking our own pastries, to assuring welcoming and quality services with our focused barista training course, to continue offering new and exciting vegan/gluten-free wellbeing products, our focus is to improve every solitary day.

Does Gregorys Coffee serve coffee only?

Gregorys is far more than just coffee. Our pastries and packaged meals are chosen by our in-house qualified dietician and produced from scratch every day by our wonderful team of cooks. While we have a handful of basic dishes on our menu, we take pleasure in our ability to continually innovate and refresh our offerings. From innovative and fascinating health-conscious goods to old, comforting meals, we do it all. As proud as we are of our coffee, our ability to make amazing baked products, light snacks and healthy alternatives truly sets each other apart.

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