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What do contractors mean when they use the following phrases?

by Eric

Every business has its own lingo. You will hear people from finance use certain words, psychologists will use specific terms and even individuals who work in construction will make use of phrases that are only limited to their field of work. Have you ever wondered why these phrases are important and used by these people? It is because it not only builds a sense of camaraderie among the workforce but it also makes their jobs easier as these terms help them understand quickly and efficiently what the others are talking about. If you have been around a construction crew, you will also have heard certain terminology that they use. Naturally, when you work around people in construction, especially when it is for your own dream home, you would want to know what they are talking about so that you not only understand what they are saying but you can also add your inputs.

Here are some of the most common phrases that a construction crew might use:

  1. Floor plan – One of the most commonly used phrases by a house construction company would be this one. This is the phrase you should be paying the most attention to as it speaks about the actual layout of the house that involves all the accurate dimensions, details, and other important specifics of the overall home design. Any changes to the floor plan may not be possible after construction, therefore, extra caution whenever this topic is approached would be necessary.
  2. Encroachment – In case the construction of your home extends into any neighboring areas or public spaces, it can be deemed as encroachment. It is common in construction practices – for example, bringing the balcony into the room, having an extended balcony, or an entry ramp onto the street.
  3. Built-up area – This is the entire extent of the area that constitutes the constructed space. The built-up area includes the balconies in the home, the terrace, mezzanine floors, etc. If you want an accurate measure of this area, it can be determined as the carpet area + the area covered by all the walls
  4. Rough-Ins – Your house construction deals with a lot of intricate aspects as well. Rough-ins are one of them. This is the process of construction that includes the installation of any internal or underground cables or pipelines. Since it is not the final work until the connections are active, this is called ‘rough’ work.
  5. Bill Of Quantities – The house construction cost in Bangalore and other cities in India may differ – this difference may even be seen in the multiple areas of a single city. As a homeowner, it will be important to have complete and precise clarity about any cost that is related to the construction of your home. Whether it is the basic raw materials like cement, electrical fittings, or any other aspect, the contractors should provide you with all the details of the same with an itemized bill. This bill will outline all the relevant costs and will be referred to the as Bill of Quantities (BOQ)

The importance of hiring a construction crew is underrated as they can provide you with expertise and will be able to do the job with complete authority and genuineness. This will aid in getting the work done faster and more effectively. Since a crew is experienced, they will be able to understand your needbizomag.coms better and would also communicate with you more efficiently throughout the process. Clarify any jargon that you do not resonate with by this team of experts.

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