Types of Drainage systems
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4 Types of Drainage systems

by Eric

If the drainage systems are poor, then it may have severe effects on your health and also on your house. So there must be a proper drainage system to live a healthy life. Drainage also plays an important role in the preservation of water. In this article, we have discussed all the basics of the drainage system, so read it carefully to have a better understanding.

Types of drainage:

Drainage is the process used for the removal of extra water and other extra fluids. Commonly, there are two types of drainage:

  • Surface drainage
  • Underground drainage
  • Surface drainage

Surface drainage:

Surface drainages are the means that are present on the surface of the earth. These are of three forms:

Open Ditch Drains, narrow ditches, and Field Ditches.

In the case of open ditches, excess water is passed through these ditches and one ditch falls into the other, and finally, all the ditches fell into a big ditch commonly known as “Nala”. In this way, extra fluids are easily drained out by using external means.

Underground drainage:

From the word underground you can easily understand that in this method, internal means are used by which extra water can be removed simply by using underground means (which can’t be seen on the surface like an underground pipe drainage system). These are means used for underground drainage purposes:

  • Tile or pipe drain
  • Box drains
  • Rubble (coarse stones or gravel-filled) drains
  • Mole drains and
  • Use of pumps for drainage

What is the importance of a proper drainage system to the community?

The drainage system plays an important role in our daily life. If our drainage system is poor then water will accumulate in front of our houses or roads which may cause fowl selling and due to this water, a lot of diseases can spread. So, proper drainage systems are a must everywhere.

Types of Drainage Systems:

After discussing types of drainage, now we are going to discuss 4 types of drainage systems which are:

  1. System drainage system
  2. Sub-surface drainage system
  3. Slope drainage system
  4. Downspouts and gutter drainage system

What is a system and sub-surface drainage system?

System drainage is similar to that of a surface drainage system while a sub-surface drainage system is similar to that of the underground drainage system. Now, we are going to discuss the next two types of drainage systems.

What is a slope drainage system?

This is a system in which pipes are installed under the surface and direction is kept in a slope (water falls from a high place to the lower). This is done by setting the pipes in a particular order. Consequently, extra water is drained away through the structure of these pipes. Read more about What do contractors mean when they use the following phrases?

What is meant by Downspouts and gutter drainage systems?

This is another effective way to remove extra water from your houses or residential areas and protect you and your home from drainage. In this system, underground gutters are built and then they are connected to the main ditches from where they fell in the main groove.

What are the benefits of a drainage system?

The most important benefit of drainage systems is that they prevent the accumulation of water, remove toxic materials, reduce soil erosion, and have a lot of other benefits.

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